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George Street's Top 10 Engagement Session Locations in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city filled with variety. Everywhere you look, there's something new to discover. Throughout the city and the surrounding area, there is an overabundance of gorgeous settings that just beg you to take photos there. To narrow it down, we've put together a list of our absolute favorite engagement session locations in Philly. You'll find a variety of natural escapes. Bartram's Garden, Fairmont Park, and Ridley Creek State Park all have something unique to offer. Rittenhouse Square, Old City, and The Philadelphia Art Museum are each iconic to the city. Of course, there are a variety of picturesque spots on the Philly college campuses, as well. Whatever mood you desire, there's a picture-perfect destination for you.


Bartram's Garden is a go-to destination for Philadelphia nature lovers and couples looking for the perfect photo. The amazing terrain at this 45-acre park is also home to an outdoor classroom and recreational area. The park dates back to 1728 when John Bartram built his home on the property. The land was later converted into a public park. Now, you can explore the flower beds, the stunning landscaping, and striking architectural elements. The best part: you don't even have to leave the city.



Fairmount Park is a remarkable place to experience nature in Philadelphia. Fairmont is the epitome of an urban park. You'll find secluded trails to wander and brilliant waterways-- all set with the backdrop of the city skyline. The old stone buildings and pebbled benches give you a quaint, country feel. Then you and your partner can sit along the water, admiring the city as your photographer snaps away.



Rittenhouse Square is beyond compare. This picturesque square is located in the center of Philadelphia. In this compact space, you'll find a delicious array of textures. The square is peppered with trees and flowers. There's a reflection pool that can be a great setting for some tranquil, romantic photos. The pool is encircled by a walkway and a gorgeous balustrade, sure to enhance any photo you take. This dreamy spot is a Philly icon. It's a great place to capture you-- and the city-- and your best.



Lafayette College is a treasure, nestled in Easton, PA. Just a short distance from Philadelphia, Lafayette is a wonderful destination to capture some picture-perfect moments. The college is filled with buildings in a variety of architectural styles, allowing you to achieve different feelings depending on your backdrop. The 340-acre campus overlooks the Delaware River. The beautiful and expansive landscape accentuates the beauty of the college buildings. The most exquisite part of the campus is the quad where you'll find criss crossed paths that lead to the Farinon College Center. The colonial architecture is sure to wow you.



Boathouse Row is a historic neighborhood, intrinsic to the history of Philadelphia. Located on the east bank of the Schuylkill River, this gem is in the heart of the city. The row consists of 15 different houses and structures. Each dates back to the 19th century and gives you a peek into the past, showing you what Philadelphia would have looked like at the time the structures were built. Added to all this history, you'll find bright pops of color in the doorways and rows of boats. It's a really special spot full of character.




Do you want to be enchanted? Then you should definitely check out Ridley Creek State Park. You only have to travel a short distance west of Philadelphia to enjoy this expansive park, which covers over 2,000 acres. You'll be charmed by the quaint stone structures. The towering trees feel nothing short of magical. This woodland playground looks great in the summer when the foliage is bright green, and it's an autumnal delight in the fall when the leaves change.




Philadelphia sophisticates and art lovers aren't alone in their love of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In addition to being one of the largest art museums in the country, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a premiere Philly destination for spectacular photos. The building was designed in the Greek Revival style. Stone steps lead up to the front of the building, where you'll find towering stone pillars. The beauty of the exterior makes it a great backdrop. The fountain with its nearby benches can also be a great photo op. Inside you'll find lovely architectural touches and a world-class art collection.




Old City is a fantastic section of Philadelphia, rich in history. Everyone knows that Philly doesn't play, so it's no surprise that Old City isn't just historic, it's considered the most historic square mile in the country. Located along the Delaware River, Old City is the place where William Penn and the Quakers first settled. The neighborhood today is lively and charming. You'll find loads of colorful buildings, red-bricked buildings, and cobblestone streets. It's a real treasure!




The Morris Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania is an arboreous wonderland. Located in Philadelphia, your heart will soar when you see the variety of woodsy delights at the Morris Arboretum. You'll find a medley of textures, water elements, walls, and different fixtures to bring refreshing elements to your photos. The Morris Arboretum is home to a wide variety of foliage and flowers, so no matter what time of year you visit, there will be beautiful scenery. This natural get-away has a secluded, private feeling that makes it a great spot for photography. You'll feel like you're the only people in the park.




The land upon which Longwood Gardens Estate sits is in itself historic. The land once belonged to the Lenni Lenape tribe and was later home to Quaker farmers. It has undergone a number of changes since that time. Today, it is a lovely public park. You'll swoon over the architectural details. There are several lovely fountains amidst the perfectly manicured landscaping. It's full of historical charm, delightful details, and some truly incredible flowers.

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