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Sweet Setups for Wedding Dessert Tables


Maybe the star of every reception space, the cake and sweets table holds a special place in our hearts. A focal point of the room and a great opportunity to bring in fun decor elements, the dessert table shouldn’t ever be overlooked. Read on for our favorite ways to amp up your sweet displays.

A great place to start with inspiration is taking a look at your venue. Consider your booked venue space and where setup might be best. You can even ask the coordinator or planner of the venue where others have put their cake setups and what worked or photographed well. One thing is for sure, we always recommend putting the cake on a wall with uplighting for well lit, beautiful sweets for all to admire.

For the foundation of your setup, try using stylish or vintage furniture pieces. They'll add a ton of style and a unique look. If this isn’t a possibility for you, no problem! Simple tables can be decorated to be just as unique and picturesque. Add a table runner, tea lights, candles, and a vase for your bridal bouquet - you’ll have the makings of a simple yet stunning setup.

Another tip we've learned along the way: display the components of your table better by adding height and dimension. Use wood slices to add height and create different tiers for sweets. You can also use shelving and wooden boxes for different layers. Have fun with extra decorations! Include signage with quotes, pennant banners, fresh greenery or, if your venue allows, hang a backdrop. Play with fabric pattern and textures, and consider sequins, tulle, satin, and other textiles.

Now you’re ready for the star of the show! Showcase the groom’s cake right next to the main wedding cake. Or, in lieu of one cake, get multiple petite cakes whose designs are different but complement one another. This is the perfect way to have multiple cake flavors, too!

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