Ruby and Steven’s Charming Wedding at Historic Acres of Hershey

The word wedding usually takes us to a romantic and charming elopement of two people in love!

Ruby and Steven’s wedding made this vision more beautiful. The two held their ceremony and reception both at the picturesque Historic Acres of Hershey, PA. Hershey is known for its chocolates and chocolates depict love. No wonder this lovely affair took place in such a romantic atmosphere. Sweet and lovely!

Ruby and Steven are a great model for romantic and cool, and their wedding details are no different! Not only did this adorable couple keep their entire wedding elegant but their accessories are exquisite as well. We love how their Harrisburg wedding photographer took shots of all of every thoughtful detail. Did you see the wooden ring bearer box? It is so cute!

The color palette they chose was unique and eye soothing. The pop of purple contrasted perfectly with the rustic elements in their whole wedding theme.

We really adored how the bridesmaids matched the color of their dresses with Ruby’s beautiful off-white lace cap sleeves gown and the groomsmen kept Steven’s attire in mind with their purple shirts and khaki pants. Isn’t it attractive?

Their choice of attire is remarkable and both looked stunning on their wedding day. Steven kept a perfect balance of his accessories matching his attire, such as his watch strap and brown leather shoes. Simply chic! On the other side, Ruby enhanced her mesmerizing look with a dangling charm bracelet and a fresh flowers bouquet matching the theme.

The two promised their love to each other and touched everyone’s heart. Afterward, they headed out with their wedding photographer for a photo session that was almost too sweet for words and filled with laughs, cuddles, and tons of kisses. Then it was off to a casual reception where the two danced the night away like it was never going to end. Such a priceless sight it was!

Their wedding charmed us in so many ways that we could not get enough of it!

The chic element in the rustic wedding theme took the whole wedding to a new level and everything looked enchanted. With the few simple but amazing ideas like succulents placed as name holders and the photobook sign, it transformed this iconic location into a charming wedding reception site. Their naked cake with the succulents décor was the perfect final touch.

Every element of this wedding perfectly fused rustic and chic styles together, and the Harrisburg wedding photographer captured it all with the creativity and artistry it deserved!