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Props, Pops & Poses: Ashley H.'s Engagement Session Inspiration!


A whimsical and oh-so-romantic engagement session is a beautiful thing. When you're all wrapped up in one another, feeling as carefree and head-over-heels as the first day you met, the result is meaningful photos that reflect the pure, genuine nature of your relationship. Truly, there's nothing better than that! So, when I found out that Ashley H., one of our amazing Wedding Coordinators, felt the same way, I was positively tickled pink!

Best of all? She's sharing more of her inspiration and insights for this week's edition of Props, Pops & Poses! And believe me, she's a pro when it comes to all things e-session! I can honestly guarantee you'll fall in love with her inspiration board before you even get the chance to scroll down!

Whimiscal and romantic outdoor engagement photos


Dreamy and romantic, or vibrant and colorful? Spill the details on what "look and feel "you envision for your ideal engagement session!


Totally dreamy and romantic, with a little bit of whimsy! Being engaged is all about living out your very own fairytale, so I'd definitely love my photo session to be a reflection of that!


Location, location, location!! If you could pick any spot to shoot your e-session, where would it be?!


In my dream engagement session, we'd be in a lush forest filled with tons of trees. We'd stumble upon a forgotten cottage or ivy-covered bridge, which would provide the backdrop! Definitely something in the thick of nature!


A little bit of color can go a long way! What stunning shades best characterize your engagement style?


I'd be looking for a color palette that would match the ethereal, romantic feel I'm going for. Sweet pastels like lilac and periwinkle would be perfect. I'd also throw in a nice neutral, like heather grey, to balance everything out!


Sweet signs, a picnic for two...there's no doubt props can add an extra dose of pizzazz to any engagement session! What props — if any — would you include in your session?


Props can really showcase your interests and talents, while also adding a little creativity to your session! I'd go for a few mixed patterned quilts, pillows and favorite books to make a sophisticated, grown-up fort! Who wouldn't love to be a kid again?!


Engagement photos are all about capturing that newly engaged glow! During your dream e-session, would you plan to strike a pose or simply live in the moment?


I'd carpe diem that session! But in all seriousness, shots that unfold in the moment, without plan or inhibition, are some of the most beautiful and memorable photos. It's like that spontaneous feeling of falling in love for the first time — you might not know how it'll all end up, but the end result is rewarding and so worth it!

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All About Ashley H...

You may know her as the gal helping you plan out all the details for your special day...but we know her as Ashley H., one of George Street's oh-so-sweet and lovely Wedding Coordinators! Though she spends her days getting to know our couples and all the plans for their wedding, she spends her free time learning to play the banjo and reading every book she can get her hands on! A lover of all things whimsical and romantic, Ashley abides by the mantra that all problems can be solved with a cupcake!


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