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Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Planning Your Travel-Themed Engagement


When we think of our fondest memories, many of them are centered around travelling with our loved ones. If you and your partner are like us in this sense, don’t shy away from the idea of a themed engagement session! Think: planes, trains, and automobiles! After all, incorporating creative props into your engagement photography session is a surefire way to add some life to your images!

Airplanes represent significant change in literature, and we can’t imagine a bigger or more exciting life change than when two become one! If you or your significant other work within the realm of aviation, a themed session incorporating a plane is a great way to capture what your daily life encompasses!

Trains are another key component in literature, often representing a place where people accidently meet. Did you and your partner meet on a summer abroad? Share your adventurous story by creating a scene centered around travel!

Maybe you and your fiance prefer the classic automobile -- a symbol of freedom. Kick back to the 1940s and show off your vintage side by posing with an old-school Ford for a classic engagement session. Another fun detail you can incorporate would be to write your wedding date on the window of the car! This is the perfect touch if you’re planning on sending out save the date cards.

No matter how you decide to document your soon-to-be marriage, have fun and enjoy each other to the fullest while you do it!

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