Make an Impact with These Reception Changes

Reception changes are all the rage -- especially for brides. Is it any wonder? Wardrobe changes allow brides to have multiple outfits they love on their big day. If you find yourself unable to pick just one dress for the whole day, why not have the best of both world and change for the reception. 

You can honor traditions by changing into cultural attire for the reception. 

Summer brides might change into a white sundress to be more comfortable. This change gives a breezy, carefree air to the reception photos. 

Sheath dresses are more comfortable and manageable for reception events. You'll be especially grateful for the extra room if you've chosen a ceremony dress with a heavily structured bodice. 

Some wedding gowns have detachable skirts, making it easy as pie to change into your reception look.

Modern brides might gravitate towards a two-piece look or bridal jumpsuit. We love the way that brides have embraced these on-trend silhouettes to make a statement. 

The grooms can get in on the action, too. Grooms often change jackets or into new tuxes for the reception, and we love the idea of changing colors between the ceremony and reception. 

Looking for smaller ways to make a shift in your look? Wear a flower crown during just the reception. Throw on a pair of comfortable shoes like flats or sneakers. Instead of changing your dress, put something else over it. Leather and jean jackets or a flannel shirt can easily (and immediately) change the vibe of your bridal look. Or, wear a dress topper for the ceremony and remove it for the reception.