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Kelsey & Ryan’s Rainy-Romantic Engagement Session, Seattle


When the forecast calls for rain pretty much every day, you make your own sun. Kelsey and Ryan did just that during their serene engagement session at Seattle’s Discovery Park.

Everything about this session was natural - from the picturesque setting of this national park to the way Kelsey and Ryan looked at each other. Their easy connection showed just how romantic a rainy day can be!

Their engagement photography looks like something out of a storybook, with rain clouds painting the sky in hushed shades of gray for a peaceful vibe. Amid a thick forest of evergreens lining the coast, Kelsey and Ryan had fun interacting with their natural environment - sharing an embrace as ocean waves washed up on the rocky shore or playing among pieces of driftwood. Their clear umbrella offered more than just shelter from the rain - it was a charming prop,too!

Kelsey’s easy look perfectly complemented the natural setting. She paired dark wash skinny jeans rolled at the ankle with a relaxed, open weave sweater in white - a top trend for engagement photography. Ryan looked casual in a navy button down with a subtle pindot pattern and dark gray jeans.

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