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Jirusha & Andrew's Back to School Classroom Engagement Session, Los Angeles


1 + 1 = 2, right? Sometimes, 1 + 1 = love. These teachers take us back to school with their adorable Los Angeles engagement session! Jirusha and Andrew show us that heading back to the classroom can be the perfect time and place for an adorable engagement as well. Keep reading to see how these two educators brought their playful portrait session to life with the help of a little pen and paper!

Starting their session in front of the bright, colorful steps almost feels like walking down the hall on the first day of school! The couple met while teaching at Academy Canoga Park, which turned out to be the perfect engagement location for their schoolhouse portraits. Back to school just couldn't be better for these two!

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playful school themed engagement photos

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playful school themed engagement photos

playful elementary school engagement photos

Back in our own school days, we had to be careful not to let the teacher see us passing notes in the classroom! Andrew flips the script on us this time with the most adorable marriage proposal love note. We are so happy that she checked yes!

playful elementary school themed engagement photos

playful school themed engagement photos

This couple really embraced their crafty side! Jirusha & Andrew took advantage of their surroundings by making their own props and signs to tell their story. From the " + = <3 ”, to the "Marry Me" teachers note, and finally with their own storybook, these pieces add a unique and personal touch to an already amazing session.

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From the bright and colorful steps, out to the playground and back into the classroom, this session has been full of the most playful moments from start to finish. Just when we thought we had seen it all, this amazing couple surprises us again! After a full day of classes, we can't imagine a better way to end the day than with an after-school game of football. Winter break can't come soon enough for these two and their upcoming December wedding!

elementary school engagement photos


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