Inspired Details for a Southwestern Wedding

Inspired Details for a Southwestern Wedding

Tired of the same old trends? We’ve got you covered. Florals may be a staple for a spring wedding, but a Southwestern-inspired wedding may be just what you need while planning for your big day. Here are a few things to keep in mind while considering this trend:

The Boho Chic Alternative:

Cool, breezy aesthetics never seems to go out of fashion, so we suggest incorporating bright floral headbands, some macrame and rattan furniture for your big day. This style resonates with couples looking for a take on a fun-filled, bohemian wedding.

Colored in Corals:

We suggest muted, soft wedding color palettes for your day to compliment the rustic, southwestern look. For bridesmaid dressing, opt for coral, turquoise, copper hues to create the look on your big day! Plus, this color palette will perfectly compliment your dress.

The Great Outdoors: 

A southwestern wedding is incomplete without the rough terrains, lush landscapes, and serene earthy hues. An outdoor wedding is a must have when it comes to a southern-inspired theme. We advise to book your favorite wedding photographer and have an outdoor photography session capturing your big day. The pastoral, natural hues of the background are sure to make the colors of your wedding theme pop!


The best thing about a southern wedding is the playful vibe it brings to the whole theme. Invest in chevron patterns and geometric cake toppers for your wedding décor to celebrate a day filled with infinite love and joy. Funky patterns are definitely a way to go! Get creative by experimenting with fabrics, whether it’s bohemian rugs or drapes to hang at the altar. You can add more color to your bridal accessories by choosing bright colors for the bouquet. However, a word of caution; less is always more, so make sure you don’t go too overboard with the accessories, your day is about YOU, so shine through by being the focus of the whole theme. 

Succulents Galore:

A southern wedding remains incomplete without its regional specialty. We suggest bringing in local air plants such as various forms of cacti, hearty and fresh greens and a variety of succulents as the wedding décor. You can use them as centerpieces or creative tokens for your guests. Use different props like skulls, pelts and antlers as a nod to the countryside inspired aesthetic.