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Behind the Scenes Winter DIY Details

How to Make Your Own S'mores Bar


There’s probably nothing better than walking into a wedding reception and seeing a fun food bar. Whether it be for the main meal, a mimosa bar, or a candy bar, it is always so much more exciting to get to pick and choose what you want to eat or drink!

One of my personal favorites has to be a s’mores bar! S’mores are such a fun throwback dessert option, and the displays are always so adorable! This is why we knew we had to show you how to make one yourself for our final winter DIY project. And for extra credit, dress up the area surrounding your food bar! Your guests will not only appreciate the delicious s’mores, but feel like they’re actually out camping with some woodsy decorations. Read on for how to make this fun food bar! Xo, Danielle



Box/Place to hold candles



Chalkboard signs


Chocolate (we used milk & dark Hershey's bars!)

Graham Crackers



1. Pick your place to put the candles. We choose a wodden box filled with small decorative rocks, but it can be any secure area where the candes won't get knocked over.

2. Make the signs. We bought wodden labels & a sign, painted them with chalkboard paint, then wrote the ingredient descriptions on with a gold paint pen.

3. Fill the dishes with your ingredients! We chose a traditional s'more ingredients, but try mixing it up with a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup instead of plain chocolate! (Trust me- you won't regret it!)

4. Light the candles once ready to serve, and use the skewers to roast the marshmallows as you would over a normal campfire.

5. Assemble & enjoy!


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