Hayley and Tyler’s Blooming Engagement Session

Hayley and Tyler’s engagement session is to die for! They are the true embodiment of a spring engagement and look radiant at the Anne Springs Close Greenway near Charlotte. 

The Anne Springs Close Greenway is a vast protected natural area in Fort Mill, North Carolina. It is a picture-perfect landscape that features hiking trails, a horseback riding course, lakes and forests that provide a majestic scenic view. So it comes as no surprise to see Hayley and Tyler choosing these picturesque views for their spring  engagement session. 

Their outdoor engagement session featured gorgeous views of a natural landscape that took our breath away! The couple chose to have an outdoor session that gave them and their engagement photographer a wide range of poses to breeze through. 

The couple opted to coordinate their looks but chose not to match their outfits. We loved their change of clothes, too. Hayley sported a bright red printed maxi dress that contrasted beautifully with her gorgeous light hair. Tyler chose a simple light-colored polo shirt and tan pants that complimented the darker tones of Hayley’s dress and drew attention to the lovebirds. 

We love that their photographer got close up shots of Hayley’s sparkling halo ring. The ring lay nestled under bright green leaves and dazzled beautifully against the mint-y backdrop.

Tyler and Hayley were photographed among an earthy forest and on a bridge. Hayley’s dress contrasted spectacularly with the earthy tones of the backdrop. 

The couple also chose to have a location change and opted for a romantic stroll between the cherry blossom trees. We love the change the scenery and the spring colors it brought to the shoot. Hayley and Tyler were open to different poses and shots and looked natural and very comfortable in front of the camera. Tyler opted for a suit jacket and jeans while Hayley switched to a formal white lace dress with a statement turquoise necklace. The jewelry blended tastefully with her outfit and was a nice contrast to the pink cherry blossoms that were in full bloom.  

Their walkway of love is giving us some major engagement session inspiration and we are simply mesmerized by this couple and their candid photography session.