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Fall’s Favorite: Apple Orchards, Weddings, and Cozy Photoshoots!


What are the first few things that come to your mind when the leaves start changing colors, that chill in the air gets stronger in the shade and taking 5 minutes longer in bed every morning sounds better than ever? If your answer is a warm beverage, going apple picking and baking apple pies, an orchard wedding or engagement session might be right up your alley. Fall and apple go together like colder weather and sweaters. Whether you like the crispy crunch of an apple straight from that low hanging branch or you love it straight out of the oven as delicious smelling apple crisps, there is something about apples which is so seasonal and cozy that including it in your important day can be a great touch!

For a picnic-style engagement shoot, an apple orchard is a brilliant choice! Seasonal appropriation? Yes! Picnic-style apple picking cuteness? Positive! Lots of opportunities to get candid? Of course! However, come autumn, all the couples will be making a beeline to the orchard, so beat the crowd by going in early. Battleview Orchards in Freehold, NJ is the perfect place to take that perfect fall piggyback ride for pictures. Brownie points for including fall colors and plaid details!

If you are planning for a fall wedding, orchards are a great place to snag some romantic pictures with your partner, be it a romantic stroll down the apple tree rows or echoing the apple theme in place settings, favors, and various other decor elements and details. For example, the heavy apple-laden branches of Country Line Orchard makes the perfect backdrop for your autumn wedding photography.

Take your fall wedding to the extra mile by introducing apples into more ways into your occasion, than just to serve as a pretty background. This means, there is no end to options of how you can spice up your venue. Crates of apples piled here and there can serve as a great rustic detail. The apples can also be used as table tag holders, ring holders, and just rustic farmhouse decor. A bit of galvanized iron here and a crocheted rugs there and you end up with a pretty farmhouse rustic wedding! The details can photograph well, which gives the wedding photographers a lot of areas to explore and be creative with.  The vibe tends to be rustic for these locations, so lean into that aesthetic with attire, decor, and engagement session props.


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