A New Year’s kiss lasts forever: Daniel and Judith’s festive wedding at the State Room in Boston!

A wedding on New Year’s Eve. Witnessing someone’s wedding vows, toasting with champagne, and dancing the night away.  It all sounds amazing, right? Judith and Daniel celebrated their love with a huge bash on December 31st. And we can’t wait to share all the details...  

The couple chose the luxurious State Room in Boston for their ceremony and reception. The venue offered an undulating ceiling and beautiful mahogany floors that all lent to a glamorous and charming vibe to the entire affair. We love how the panoramic views of Boston’s iconic skyline mesmerize the entire space through the lofty glass windows. So alluring!

Daniel and Judith went for a simple festive wedding with elegant details. From their attire to the enchanting deck of the venue, everything manifests the New Years’ vibe!

Both, Judith and Daniel left us in awe in their urban-chic attire. Daniel donned a grey and black casual suit, whereas Judith’s gold sequin sleek cut dress was a call for celebration in itself! A perfect pair! And the wedding party had us smitten as well, especially the bridesmaids in their smart black dresses, simply elegant, classic and stunning!

Daniel and Judith’s intimate moments around the venue were remarkably captured by their Boston wedding photographer. The colorful books on the shelves provided a splashy and captivating backdrop to their wedding photos. We can’t get enough of the gorgeous skyscraper in the background while the two promised their love to each other— a moment worth saving forever! Their outdoor photo session at night is something which will take you on the whimsical ride of a romantic yet fun-filled New Year’s night. We love their idea of taking wedding photos in the cool starry sky with the twinkling lights in the background. Magical, isn’t it?

Just like Daniel and Judith, their wedding was as dazzling as can be. The entire setting was posh and elegant - perfect decor for a New Year’s wedding. The balloons on each side of the aisle, lots of confetti, the golden ribbons, and the New Year’s hats on the tables made an impeccable statement about this grand New Year’s affair. From the decor to its feel, everything was on point for their New Year's Eve wedding!

The whole affair was unforgettable! Julie and Daniel, right after saying their vows called for a romantic dance on the most festive night of the year. They gradually switched from the romantic dance to a New Year’s celebration party. What a fun-filled fete!

Who can say no to a delightful array of treats? A luscious dessert table is a must-have at any event! Daniel and Judith chose the perfect sweet ending for the night with a scrumptious chocolate dripping cake. A heavenly dessert for such a festive night!  

With a gold- black festive theme, Judith and Daniel’s wedding was the perfect mix of fun and celebration, while still keeping it refined and romantic!