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Dana And Josh’s Enchanting Sylvan Engagement Shoot


Nestled in the heart of Monmouth County in New Jersey lies the charming town of Freehold. With its rich history and vibrant culture, Freehold is a place where old-world charm meets modern-day allure, and where the beauty of nature is perfectly complemented by the eclectic vibe of the town. Freehold is known for its picturesque main street, which is the Downtown area of the city, lined with ornate Victorian buildings and quaint shops, offering an eclectic mix of boutique stores, antique shops, and gourmet restaurants. The streets are adorned with beautiful trees and flowers that bloom in vibrant hues, adding to the town's charm and beauty. One of the most notable landmarks in Freehold is the Monmouth County Courthouse, a grandiose structure that stands tall and proud in the center of the town. The city is also known for its rich history, as it is one of the oldest cities in the country. Home to many historic sites, including the Battle of Monmouth, a pivotal battle during the American Revolutionary War, it has a deep-seated role in American Revolution History. The town also has a strong connection to Bruce Springsteen, the legendary musician who grew up in the town and often sang about his experiences there.

Freehold is also home to Deep Cut Gardens, a sprawling 54-acre garden that boasts a variety of flowering plants, trees, and shrubs. The garden is a true oasis of natural beauty, with its meandering paths, tranquil ponds, and lush greenery that provide a sense of peace and serenity to all who visit. And this was the place that Dana and Josh had picked out for their outdoor engagement photo session


Dana and Josh’s engagement session was everything we imagined an enchanting photo session would look like. The moment we saw their engagement photos, we knew we were looking at two people who were madly in love with each other. Their outdoorsy photo session was beautiful, idyllic, and just perfect. The couple’s photo session happened outdoors, and these two lovebirds explored a scenic park for their engagement photo session. The couple had decided to use a fantastic photo location in the city, which was just right for the happy and smiling couple. After seeing the photos from the day, we saw that these two had put a whole new meaning to the romantic love quote, “Together is my favorite place to be.” For the day, Dana and Josh decided to explore a scenic park, and they had a few of Freehold’s best outdoor spaces in mind. The couple was excited about their day out with our photographer and were excited to try out different poses. The couple decided to forego using the engagement photo props because they wanted the photos from the photo session to look authentic and to show their true selves and that it did. For the day, the couple decided to use two different sets of outfits, which helped them create two different looks for their engagement photo session. The outfits for their photo session were casual, both of the outfits. Our engagement photographer met the couple bright and early, as they wanted to take photos of the two in the best light for the chosen photo location


Looking at Dana and Josh, as they made their way to the gardens to get their day started, it was easy to see that they were happy and couldn’t wait to tie the knot. After they met our photographer, the two told them that they were doing pretty well with their wedding planning. These lovebirds were acing the planning of their wedding because they had already made some bookings, including the wedding venue, Laurita Winery, and had already decided on their wedding date. We are pretty sure, their wedding day will look perfectly mesmerizing. Their engagement photo session was stunning and idyllic, we’re pretty sure their special day will not be anything less than that! For the first set of outfits for the day, Dana decided to wear a lovely summer dress, blue with delicate patterns on it. She kept her look for the day exceptionally simple and used natural make-up, let her hair flow naturally, and completed her outfit with a pretty smartwatch. To go with her outfit, she chose beige wedges. Josh, on the other hand, decided to put on a white polo shirt, light brown pants, a tan belt, and deep brown dress shoes. The weather for the day was beautiful, it brought out the lovely colors in the garden. The photoshoot started from the beginning, with the pleasant garden’s hedge maze in the backdrop. Our photographer helped the couple pose in different ways, which were just right to capture the couple’s love and its essence. Our photographer directed them to use some cute photo poses, which gave the photo a great look. In these photos, you can not only see the couple but also see the well-kept lawn, the hedge maze of the garden, and the stairs. You can also see the gazebo in the background. Before they chose to have a romantic photo taken, then took a cute photo, where they held hands and looked into each other’s eyes. It was here that we felt that they looked like two souls who found each other at the right time. And here, surrounded by the serene beauty of the Deep Cuts Gardens, they were not only looking into each other’s eyes, but we imagine, were also weaving their dream life together.  


And then, our photographer helped them with more romantic photo pose suggestions, the first one was a traditional leaning-into-each-other type of photo. The setting in the background was as beautiful as the previous photo. Enjoying themselves, Dan and Josh tried their own versions of the same photo pose. And then, the two walked down the stairs, enjoying the beautiful area, and the scenic beauty of the city’s most beloved garden. Our photographer helped the couple to work with a beautiful hedge maze for a few photos of the two. The photo looked dreamy and beautiful. Josh leaned into Dana, right as he had done so at the foot of the stairs, and the light hit Dana’s hair, making it look golden. This photo is one of our favorites from their photo session. Our photographer stepped back to take better photos of the couple, and to take some candid photos. As our photographer was positioning themselves, they saw the two walk hand-in-hand in the hedge maze. They were talking, what we imagine was a shared love for the beautiful space they were in. Our photographer suggested they can have a pretty photo, playful as well. So, our photographer took their position and asked Dana to run up to Josh. The photo turned out beautifully. 


Then the couple decided to walk towards the area with many trees. The space was idyllic and beautiful. This space had an enchanting, almost fairytale-esque vibe to it, simply because the trees’ roots were protruding from the ground. Dana and Josh were more than happy to pose here, they were actually very excited to try out a variety of cool photos. The unique backdrop allowed these two to pose for simple yet stellar photos. Once done, the couple decided that it was time to change into their second pair of outfits. The next set of outfits was similar to the first ones, casual. However, this time, Dana decided to put on a blouse and a pair of jeans, instead of a flowy dress. She chose a fluffy peach blouse and paired it with a deep blue pair of jeans, and to finish the look, she had a denim jacket. The denim jacket had pretty pearl details on the topside, making it uniquely pretty. Josh’s outfit was simple as well, he had a pretty sky-blue t-shirt on, with a pair of deep blue jeans. For this outfit, Dana selected a pretty pair of earrings as well. After changing and fixing her make-up, Dana and Josh were ready for the last part of their engagement photo session. This time, the couple walked back to the hedge maze, so that they could have some more photos with their new outfits. After that, they decided that they wanted to use the greener parts of the garden. They walked and found a spot with huge rocks and a stairway going up to a pavilion. Dana and Josh sat down on the rocks to smile at our photographer. Then, the two decided to pose with their engagement rings. Dana and Josh held onto their rings, held them up for our photographer to take a photo of them, and kissed each other. Our photographer then helped the two take photos with a colorful flowering plant in the background! Here, the two posed for the camera, then our photographer suggested a cutesy piggyback photo idea. Josh and Dana loved the idea, and without wasting a minute, Dana jumped up on Josh’s back. Surprised, Josh laughed and turned to look at his fiance. Our photographer took a photo of the two, which turned out to be an amazing natural photo of the couple. The couple tried a few more romantic poses to pose for their photo session. To end their photo session, the couple decided to pose in front of the different trees, flowers, and smaller areas with amazing details of the garden to make the most of their outdoor photo session. 


Looking at their photos, we saw how they looked into each other’s eyes, and it appeared to us that they felt that the world around them seemed to disappear, and they were transported to a world of their own. The garden, on the day of the photo session, was alive with the vibrant hues of blooming flowers and the soft rustling of leaves in the gentle breeze, and we felt that it was just right for the two to start off their journey of life together. As they walked hand in hand through the winding paths of the garden, the sun shone down on them, casting a warm glow on their faces. In the midst of the beauty of the garden, they whispered sweet nothings to each other, their words carrying on the soft breeze that blew around them. The gentle touch of the breeze caressed their skin, made their hair ruffle a little and the gentle, warm glow gave them a natural blush, just right for their photos. The garden was the perfect backdrop for their romantic photo session. As they posed together in the midst of the idyllic scenery, they were bathed in a golden light, their love radiating from their eyes and filling the air around them with enchanting energy. The camera captured every moment of their love, every smile, every tender embrace, and every loving gaze, even the stolen glances. As the sun began to set, watched as the colors of the sky changed from blue to orange and red, and they knew it was time to go, the photo session was coming to a close. The scent of blooming flowers filled the air, and the garden was alive with the chirping of birds and the sound of rustling leaves. As they sat together, Dana and Josh knew that they were meant to be, and we felt it too. By the end of their photo session, as the couple bid our photographer goodbye, our photographer felt that Dana and Josh had found their soulmate in each other, and they were grateful for every moment they witnessed that day. As they walked out of the garden, hand in hand, our photographer knew that their love was like the garden itself – pure, beautiful, and eternal, and was incredibly glad that they had a chance to take photos of a lovely couple like them. And when we sat down to see the photos, we had similar thoughts as our photographer. We rarely see love blossoming better and brighter than the flowers around them.


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