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Breathtaking Engagement Photography In Downtown Chicago


Time and again we see lovestruck duos making rounds on our Instagram and Facebook feeds wrapped up cozily in their happy bubble while giving us couple goals. With all the wedding planning in motion, you might question yourself if it is worth it to indulge in an engagement photography session right before the wedding. But there are so many benefits in having a professional 'practice shoot' right before the big day that is often overlooked by couples who are planning their wedding. If your last professional photo was your high school yearbook picture or the silhouette portrait your fiance clicked on your last vacation, there is a fair chance that you might not be camera-ready at the moment. 


Practice makes everything perfect and hence, for all the couples who tend to get anxious in front of a camera, a professional engagement photography session can be a valuable practice session before the wedding as it gives a taste of what to expect on the big wedding day. Having a professional photography session before the wedding day allows the couple to learn how to be themselves in front of the camera without any hint of anxiety or tension, and the chance to meet the wedding photographer to build a trustworthy rapport with him or her. On your wedding day, your wedding photographer will be with you for so many hours, and being comfortable in each other's presence is a great advantage. Listening to your engagement photographer, having fun with them, and then getting photographed will make a huge difference in the outcome of your engagement portraits as well as your future wedding portraits.


Being engaged is a milestone that is worth celebrating on its own that should never get overshadowed by the big event. One of the most significant steps in your relationship, being engaged to the one you love calls for the biggest fiestas without any question. Your engagement portraits should capture the special time in your life that you can only remember years later, and bask in the afterglow of the most special time when you were madly in love and was about to embark on a life journey together. Having your inspirational engagement photography session done at a place that holds some significance to both of you, perhaps the restaurant you met for the first time or the library where you bumped against each other and exchanged numbers later can be a special experience, be the ultimate chance for you to reconnect and touch base. Pick up a meaningful spot to add a special feeling to your engagement portraits where you will also likely feel more at ease. 


Every once in a while, we come across a besotted duo, whose chemistry gives us relationship goals with a spark of love that can pierce through glass ceilings. When we met our next star Chicago couple- Jason and Melissa for their unforgettable engagement photography session in Chicago, we were at a loss for words for the sheer romance and timelessness that they evoked. In the summer of 2019, our gorgeous couple breezed and sauntered through the aesthetically stunning Green Street in Downtown Chicago, nestled in the bustling section of the famous Loop. Tucked away in one of the most popular community areas of Downtown Chicago, Green Street Smoked Meats is one of the most scenic and picturesque streets of The Loop, that is famous as a professional photography spot in Chicago


The inspirational engagement photography session in Chicago of Melissa and Jason took us to one of the most beautiful journeys that will go down as an unforgettable photography experience for our photographers. Our Chicago engagement photographers love the jaw-dropping beauty of the welcoming neighborhoods and thoughtful designs of the Chicago architecture and landscape that lends gorgeous photo opportunities marked with phenomenal backdrops. Filled with lush greenery, waterfront settings, towering skyscrapers, and glistening architectural marvels, we loved how our newly-engaged Chicago couple chose this city to declare their love for each other. 


Downtown Chicago is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic and popular spots in Illinois, and since The Loop is the central business district and the main section of the city, it is one of our most favorite and coveted spots for engagement photography in Chicago. The iconic and stunning panoramas of this city make it one of the most photogenic cities in America, as the phenomenal architecture retains a feeling of airiness as it gleams in the sun and the aesthetically pleasing public spaces and tourist spots reverberate like sunshine in engagement portraits shot in Chicago.


Perfect for realizing all the ideas for engagement photography sessions in Chicago, the various photogenic backdrops of the city makes it worthwhile and unforgettable for all the newly engaged couples who want to capture the blissful moment in time before all the wedding planning begins. Ranging from the 1920s theater's vertical 'CHICAGO' sign that can showcase the deep and committed love for this Windy City to the idyllic settings off Milton Lee Olive Park during the golden hour when the sun sets over Lake Michigan and the unobstructed views of Chicago Skyline come into life, there are many classic engagement photo locations in Chicago that are loved by professional photographers all across the globe. While mentioning Chicago we cannot miss out on the colorful and playful oversized Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier, the waterfront carousel-like rides that are considered to be the brightest backdrops for the ones who are young at heart. Another monumental photo spot of Chicago, the famous Millennium Park where the popular Cloud Gate and Jay Pritzker Pavilion along with plenty of other cultural structures reside, continue to be the top spot for our engagement photographers in Chicago


Considered to be one of the most photogenic spaces of Chicago, the Loop has its own share of hidden gems for our talented team of professional photographers. Some of the most Instagrammable spots in the Chicago Loop can surprise you with its striking and marvelous aesthetics. You can start your photography session by visiting one of the observation decks in Downtown Chicago, like the Skydeck Chicago or 360 CHICAGO, and let our Chicago professional photographers capture you against the perfect Chicago Skyline in the backdrop spanning over 50 miles. The stunning Instagrammable engagement portraits in Chicago from these sky decks are truly out of the world in both night and day photography sessions. The dining options in the Loop can be one of your best bets for your social media feed if you are looking for great spots for capturing unforgettable outdoor engagement photography moments. The elevated dining experience featuring effortless and refreshing urban conservatory especially during sunsets can create some of the most incredible golden hour portraits in Chicago


You can also indulge in an architecture tour or a sunset cruise from Navy Pier or the Michigan Avenue Bridge, and find the absolutely perfect backdrops for epic Instagram posts. These 90-minute tours take you through the top-rated tourist places of Chicagoland's Loop, providing you a plethora of photo opportunities for your incredible Chicago engagement photography session. For the lovers of art, Chicago Loop is basically an outdoor museum boasting a wide myriad of public art whether it is the popular photo backdrops like Cloud Gate or The Bean, Buckingham Fountain, and The Art Institute lions or the remarkable Calder’s Flamingo. You can soak up the sunshine and stroll through the historic and aesthetic public spaces of the Loop including Millennium Park, the Riverwalk, Maggie Daley Park, the Lakefront Trail, and more ask our Chicago couple photographer to capture you in wonderful candid couple portraits.


Pose by colorful and ornate the Chicago Theatre marquee, which is considered to be one of the most photographed landmarks in Chicago with the iconic State and Lake CTA station in the background. Take a moment and appreciate the marvelous architecture and the infectious positive energy of the streets of the Loop in Chicago, and let it blur in your engagement portraits as you strike poses with your sweetheart.


Our amazing couple chose electrifying spirits and candid moods in the popular and scenic street of Green Street Smoked Meats in the West Loop as the spot for their engagement photography session. As much as we praise the choice of photography spot, our candid photographers in Chicago did not miss a single chance of capturing the exclusive elegance of this smokehouse-meets-rustic warehouse aesthetic. Surrounded by distressed brick walls and string lights, the minimalist interior created the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable Chicago couple photography session. The delightful warm and inviting atmosphere of the curved alleys leading up to Green Street Smoked Meats blended as jaw-droppingly picturesque backgrounds as Melissa and Jason embraced each other in their photography session. 


Considered to be a clandestine Texas BBQ smokehouse down an alley off of Restaurant Row, the popular Green Street Smoked Meats is home to classic brisket chili Frito pies, delicious burgers, doughnuts, and world-class beers enclosed by the discrete discreet and undisturbed street art-alley in the West Loop. The exposed wooden beams and industrial themed tavern settings, with dangling cafe and bistro lights, that can take you to the countryside of Texas in no time. The giant cast steel smoker is the centerpiece of the kitchen with bags of mesquite charcoal for the coal bed and piles of chopped oak for smoking, making it the coziest and comfiest corner for our iconic engagement photography session in Chicago. The vintage and industrial themed setting will make you feel like you just stepped into a pretty hip but low-key warehouse party. The lively and indulging atmosphere of this cafeteria with picnic benches strewn around prove to be an amazing and unmatched choice for our Chicago couple for their engagement photography session.


The air was crisp on the day and the atmosphere was perfectly characterized to suit our romantic moods when we met Melissa and Jason for their engagement photoshoot. Dressed up in co-ordinated winter wardrobes, our moods were lightened when our Chicago wedding photographers captured the unfailing vintage backgrounds with classic distressed street art and graffiti artworks, powered by bistro lights wrapped like a dream. Melissa decided to wear a navy blue double-breasted overcoat with a fuchsia turtleneck knitted dress, paired with textured stockings and knee-length block heeled boots. Her hair was neatly side-parted and left loose, with her beautiful wavy locks caressing her gorgeous face with a very minimalist makeup look. Perfect for the weather, Jason dressed up in a black overcoat with layers of a light grey half jacket and a casual navy and red chequered shirt underneath. He teamed up his entire look with a pair of tanned brown boots and a pair of blue denim. Both of them look gorgeous in their fabulous and trendy winter wardrobe as they strolled through the cozy neighborhoods of Downtown Chicago.


From posing against the distressed brick walls with the dreamy string lights blurring in the background to the graffiti artwork walls posing as the backdrop, the stunning poses by this couple during their engagement photography session in the Loop tugged the strings of our hopelessly romantic hearts. The artistic and well-thought-out backgrounds of Downtown Chicago were beautifully captured and documented by our couple photographers in Chicago. With the building of famous Harbour Point posing as the backdrop to the channel of geometrical blocks paving as the aisle for the couple and the bright Christmas tree on the snow-capped grounds of Downtown Chicago, there is no doubt that each and every aesthetic aspect of this beautiful day was documented gorgeously and thoughtfully by our talented photographers.


The classic and locale Chicago snapshots of our lovely couple have been one of our most undeniably romantic memories to take away from this day. We not only loved the quiet and scenic photo spot in Downtown Chicago but also rejoiced and basked in the afterglow of this romantic and fun-loving couple. The comfortable and natural elements in the relaxed portraits of Jason and Melissa struck the right chords of a flawlessly synchronized couple photo shoot, and we wish their love continues to bloom in the upcoming future.


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