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About Face: Side-by-Side Snaps From Engagement to Wedding


A couple’s engagement session is only the start of their love story. Once we get a peek at their photos, we love to imagine what their happily ever after will look like—aka, their wedding day. Here’s a side-by-side look at some of our favorite engagement-to-wedding evolutions.

Jennifer & John kept their style classic from start to finish. Dressed in sleek black for their waterfront engagement session in Pasadena, they elevated their sophistication even more for their stunning wedding at the Portofino Hotel & Marina.

Diana & Carlos went from sweet to sexy on their photo journey, starting with an ethereal engagement session at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. They then headed south to Miami for their big day where they brought major glamour and romance to the Eden Regal Ballroom.

Lisa & Joshua’s sessions were so fresh and inviting. Their casual stroll through Kleb Woods Nature Preserve blossomed with carefree romance. And the sunlit glow of their House Estate wedding felt warm and natural.


Emily & Brandon opted for one setting, start to finish. They first snapped their engagement session at Homestead Manor. Then just a month later, they said ‘I do’ there in an eclectic autumn session that showed their true colors.


Kris & Edward-Jay went all-Americana. Their engagement session at the Smithsonian Garden at the National Mall brought a sense of history to their photos. And their wedding day at Herrington on the Bay was just as picturesque.


Jirusha & Andrew get an A+ for their clever school-themed engagement session. They quickly graduated from playful to glamorous when the two wed at Hartley Botanica.


Vanessa & Daniel shot a postcard-worthy, iconic session of San Fran—Golden Gate cameo, and all. Their encore was a romantic vineyard wedding at Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery.


Alex & Abran brought their photos to life with vibrant color and eclectic details that captured our attention. Alex’s rose-hemmed wedding dress was stunning and unique, just like the two of them.


Michelle & Gino heated up Miami in both of their sessions, taking a cinematic dip beneath towering palms, set aglow by the golden Florida sun. Their wedding was classically beautiful and stylish.


Bailey and Kevin fell for a stunning autumn portrait session at Apple Works Orchard. Their bright red accents popped against the lush trees. For their Indianapolis wedding reception at JPS Events, these two starred in a modern fairytale.


Samantha & Anthony immersed themselves in the vibrancy of Meridian Hill. The two traded eclectic street art for impeccable landscaping for their wedding at Oxon Hill Manor.


Paola & Tom reached for the stars at their engagement session with captivating views at Griffith Observatory. Surrounded by lush succulents and foliage at Smogshoppe, their wedding day destination was nothing short of stunning.


Darlena & Phillip evoked charm for days in their two-wheeled, whimsical session that rolled along Virginia Beach Drive. Their breezy beach wedding at Postcard Inn Beach Resort & Marina made us swoon.

 Angela & Christian composed a true bohemian rhapsody, starting with their romantic engagement session at Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. Their wedding day at The Terrace Club kept us intrigued with whimsical and stylish details at every turn.


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