Friday Favorites: Themed Wedding Cakes

Here’s a sweet idea - when it comes to your wedding cake, think outside the fondant! By this, we mean consider adding a themed cake alongside your traditional tiered confection. Not only are themed cakes fun, but they also offer up a taste of your personality.

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10 Things To Do When You Get Engaged

Your beloved got down on one knee and popped the question. You said, “Yes!” You’re engaged! Now what? First, take a deep breath and absorb everything that happened. Relax and enjoy the moment, because we’ve got you covered with next steps.

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Window Shots That Frame Up Must-Have Wedding Photos

Whether you’re going for an ethereal, architectural or artistic vibe, gorgeous window shots are must-have wedding photos in our book! Your wedding photographer will tell you, picturesque windows are the perfect backdrop to capture a unique and reflective point of view. We could let the beauty of these shots speak for themselves, but we’re here to share a few reasons why we love them.

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