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I’m such a sucker for weddings by the ocean, but really, who isn’t!? The view of the water and sand, the cute beach towns surrounding it– I can almost hear the soothing pulse of the waves right now! Such a gorgeous scene, and when you throw in a perfect couple like Kaylin & Johan, it’s like a wedding dream! If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you might remember their unbelievable engagement session from a few months ago! How much do you adore their love story!? All of this was just begging for an amazing wedding day, and they did not disappoint. From Johan’s stylish blue suit to Kaylin’s lovely lace gown, these two are picture perfect. They are so clearly head over heals for each other, which makes me absolutely giddy when I look at these photos. Get ready to swoon! Xo, Danielle

a beautiful lace dress hangs in the window the bridesmaids help the bride into her dressthe bride smells her flowers and looks out the window the groom smiles for the camerathe groom waits in anticipation for his bridethe bride hugs the groom from behind and they laugh the bride and groom touch heads and smile in front of a fountainthe bride hugs the groom from behindthe bride and groom share their first kiss the groom hugs his bride after the ceremonythe groom kisses his bride on the foreheadthe bride and groom smile at each other the bride and groom lean against a fence in front of the ocean the couple kiss in front of the oceanthe cake table the couple share a big laugh at their reception the couple kiss in front of lights


Isn’t there just something so romantic about a train station? It must be the air of traveling to a new and exciting destination, and what better travel companion to have than the love of your life!? Adlina & Luke definitely picked the best location for their engagement session to display the love they share for each other– it has it all! From the train station itself to the beautiful clock tower and the ornate tile wall, it all has such a classic LA feel. These two are simply the cutest, and so obviously crazy for each other! You can tell from the pictures alone that their journey through life together will without a doubt be an amazing one. Xo, Danielle

a couple kisses in a tunnel the couple smiles at each other at a train stationa couple kisses at a train station in black and whitea couple walks next to a train and holds handsa couple holds each other in front of red flowersthe couple kisses in a hallway and the people are blurred behind themthe bride rests her head on her fiancee chest the couple kiss against a wallthe couple smile candidlythe couple do a dramatic kiss


Each month when it comes time for the monthly wrap up, I’m always so surprised! Thanksgiving is only a few days away, can you believe it!? I guess time flies when you get lost in gorgeous wedding photos all day! November has been such an inspirational month– from our last posts about fall to the fabulous style of some of our wonderful couples. We knew we needed someone with a great eye for style and detail to wrap up such a great month, so we recruited our lovely Inside Sales Assistant Manager, Rachel, to share the images that inspired her the most! Xo, Danielle

01 Houston engagement session

A Couples Best Friend: There’s nothing I love more than a happy couple featuring their beloved dog in their engagement and wedding photos. Look at this little guy’s red bow!

09 autumn couple pose

Fall Engagement Session: This picture is everything fun about fall engagement sessions: colorful sweaters, the subtle nature in the background, and a creative pose to show off how crazy they are about each other!

the bride and groom kiss in a library

Gorgeous Venue: How stunning is this library as a backdrop for this couple’s wedding? I love when photo locations are a bit outside the box, and between the bookcases, chandeliers and giant windows, I think this couple picked a winner.

the groom sits and pets a fake bear while his groomsmen stand around him

Silly Groomsmen: While we often see the bridal party gals getting goofy in their pictures, this highlight on the groomsmen showed the guys know how to have fun too.

1603332 – Lead –  MG 3977

Book Lovers Delight: I love when couples get super creative with each and every detail for their wedding! This book-themed reception shows that they’ve incorporated something they love into their big day, and as a fellow reader, this is perfect.

01 shellie and mike engagement

Advice from HQ: I always love reading the bits and pieces we share about our married couples here at George Street, but Shellie’s engagement advice post was an extra treat! Aren’t she and her fiance Mike absolutely adorable?

cute wedding favors

Wedding Favors: Maybe it is the colder temperatures that have arrived in Chicago, but this loose leaf tea wedding favor seems like the perfect thing to take home to stay cozy.

Thank you so much to Rachel for this adorable recap, and tune in next month for December’s wrap-up! Xo, Danielle

Elizabeth Nordstrom, Marketing Photo Specialist, Headshot

All About Rachel…

Rachel is the sweet and talented Inside Sales Assistant Manager at George Street Photo & Video! With great organization skills and an even better sense of humor, Rachel is super supportive of her team and can always be counted on for a huge smile, even after a long day. When she’s not managing, you can find her enjoying a Diet Coke and petting any and every dog she sees!

Your exit from your wedding is the last thing your guests will see on your big day, so why not make it incredibly memorable?? The traditional exit celebration consisted of throwing rice, but we love that brides are now breaking some rules and having more fun with it. Today’s Top 10 is a celebration of the most fun exit shots we’ve seen yet. Sparklers, bubbles & pom-pom balls, oh my! These couples got creative with it, and I hope it inspires you to do the same. Xo, Danielle

a couple walks down the aisle while people throw rosesa couple goes down the aisle while pom pom balls are tosseda couple kisses as they exit a church as people blow bubblesa couple cheers as people blow bubblesa couple exits on skateboardsthe couple exits the church to their bridal party waving streamersthe couple exits the church to their bridal party waving streamersthe couple dances as they exitthe couple cheer as they exit the churchthe couple kisses in the middle of their sparkler send off


Fall is sadly nearing its end, but don’t worry! We have one last autumn inspired DIY project for you. With all the leaves falling, we are incredibly inspired and in love with anything leaf-related! Last week we showed you how to make glam leaf name cards, so continuing in that vein, get ready to learn how to make a glittery leaf garland! This beautiful wall decoration will add some sparkle to your fall wedding, and who wouldn’t adore that!? We had so much fun making one for ourselves and I know you will too. Enjoy! Xo, Danielle


Paint brush

Mod Podge


Hole Punch


Fake Leaves (We used foam leaves, but you can use real or plastic ones as well!)


1. Squeeze Mod Podge onto leaf and spread evenly.


2. While glue is still wet, sprinkle on glitter and spread with a dry brush.


3. Let leaves dry, and then space them how far apart you want them to measure how long your ribbon needs to be.

4. Punch a hole at the base of each leaf.

5. Tie ribbon through the hole, and then tie the other side to the main garland ribbon.


6. Hang on the wall and enjoy!