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Inspired by yesterday’s Pets of George Street, we decided to feature all the couples that feel the same way about their four-legged friends! From engagement sessions to ring bearers, these pets are certainly feeling the love, and I for one cannot get enough! Xo, Danielle

a bride and groom sit and smile with their doga couple stands with a black horsea couple releases butterfly's at their ceremonya dog wears a bandana that says dog of honor a couple stands with their dog and smilesa couple hug in a shark walka bride holds her dog wearing a bow tiea groom looks at a little owl on a staircasea couple feeds a giraffe at the zooa couple hold a dog on the streeta couple stands with donkey's at their reception


They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but we feel that way about all our pets! Cat, dog and everything in between — they’re all loyal, fun and create instant joy when we walk in the door. No one understands this better than my co-workers, so we decided to feature more of our furry friends on this week’s installment of ‘The Pet Chronicles’. Xo, Danielle


Meet Ruby!

Owner: Gabi, Inside Sales Manager

Favorite activities? Ruby was born on April fools day which is super fitting. She is hilarious, sassy and stubborn, and makes me laugh every day! Ruby lives for cuddles and squeaky toys, and loves going to the dog beach and hanging out with her puppy pals. She is very motivated by food, specifically peanut butter, baby carrots and apples, and she knows how to shake, roll over, sit pretty, and can even “go to bed” on command!


Meet Ellie!

Owner: Ashley, East Coast Portfolio Manager

Favorite activities? Ellie enjoys the finer things in life being that she is a sophisticated and classic beauty. She spends her days prowling around the house in search of bugs. When she tires of hunting, you can find her lounging in the bath tub. Ellie has quite the appetite. She is a growing girl and has a strong bone structure so food is the highlight of her day. Nothing excites her more than bits of fresh bacon after sleeping in on a Saturday morning.


Meet P.J!

Owner: Sara, West Coast Portfolio Manager

Favorite activities? P.J is a little fire cracker and truly a big dog in a little body. He is quite the social butterfly and loves attending his Saturday morning Pug Party and hanging out with all his older pug friends. He absolutely LOVES playing in water and going to the dog beach! In his down time you can catch Peej hanging out on his mama’s lap watching his favorite show Law and Order or enjoying his favorite snacks, carrots or peanut butter!


Meet Georgie!

Owner: Rachel, Inside Sales Assistant Manager

Favorite activities? Georgie really loves eating dry cat food, chewing on cardboard then spitting it out, getting his belly rubbed, and despite squawking like a chicken when you don’t get out of bed in time, he’s still a little angel!


Meet Yoshi!

Owner: Bianca, Wedding Consultant

Favorite activities? He really does think he is a person, and even sits at the dinner table while we eat, loves his veggies and sleeps in my arms like a little baby. He is 4 years old and we have the same birthday!


Meet Weezy!

Owner: Alissa, Internal Communications Manager

Favorite activities? Weezy the rabbit enjoys lounging around “her” living room, munching cilantro, and head rubs!

Meet The Cat With No Name!

Owner: Ryan, Wedding Consultant

Favorite activities? This was a stray cat who decided that we were family, and we accepted that! She is going to sit on your lap; she will not take no for an answer. You will give up before she does so just let her sit there.

Thank you to more of our team for sharing their prized pets with us! Come back next week for more behind the scenes fun!

It’s official! I’m in love with Natalie & Jeremiah’s wedding. Natalie’s ethereal dress perfectly compliments Jeremiah’s classic suit, and choosing off-white bridesmaids dresses is definitely my new favorite trend. When all of these amazing details come together they make for one dreamy wedding day! Take a peek for yourself and drift away into a wedding dream land. Xo, Danielle



There’s nothing more romantic than paying homage to the city that fostered your love story! Kerri & Bart’s sun-filled engagement session does just that– from gorgeous views of skyscrapers, to showcasing the city’s perfect parks and beaches, these two clearly are in love with not only each other, but with Chicago itself. These photos perfectly capture the magic of being in love, and the unbearable excitement to share that love with the world. Xo, Danielle

a couple hug in front of the chicago skylinea close up of the couple holding each other and kissing a man holds his fiancé from behind and they smilea girl smiles at her fiancé a couple sit on a bench in a park and smile at each othera man smiles at his fiancé in a parka couple does a dip kiss on the beacha couple hugs on a beacha couple holds hands and gazes into each others eyes on a beach a close up of a couple kissing on a beach


Having trouble figuring out what to wear for your fall engagement photos? Well you’re in luck because the ladies of our Marketing Department are obsessed with autumn-inspired fashion! Thanks to Polyvore, our team was able to put together some adorable looks that they would wear for their own engagement sessions. Which one inspires you the most?? Xo, Danielle