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Your exit from your wedding is the last thing your guests will see on your big day, so why not make it incredibly memorable?? The traditional exit celebration consisted of throwing rice, but we love that brides are now breaking some rules and having more fun with it. Today’s Top 10 is a celebration of the most fun exit shots we’ve seen yet. Sparklers, bubbles & pom-pom balls, oh my! These couples got creative with it, and I hope it inspires you to do the same. Xo, Danielle

a couple walks down the aisle while people throw rosesa couple goes down the aisle while pom pom balls are tosseda couple kisses as they exit a church as people blow bubblesa couple cheers as people blow bubblesa couple exits on skateboardsthe couple exits the church to their bridal party waving streamersthe couple exits the church to their bridal party waving streamersthe couple dances as they exitthe couple cheer as they exit the churchthe couple kisses in the middle of their sparkler send off


Fall is sadly nearing its end, but don’t worry! We have one last autumn inspired DIY project for you. With all the leaves falling, we are incredibly inspired and in love with anything leaf-related! Last week we showed you how to make glam leaf name cards, so continuing in that vein, get ready to learn how to make a glittery leaf garland! This beautiful wall decoration will add some sparkle to your fall wedding, and who wouldn’t adore that!? We had so much fun making one for ourselves and I know you will too. Enjoy! Xo, Danielle


Paint brush

Mod Podge


Hole Punch


Fake Leaves (We used foam leaves, but you can use real or plastic ones as well!)


1. Squeeze Mod Podge onto leaf and spread evenly.


2. While glue is still wet, sprinkle on glitter and spread with a dry brush.


3. Let leaves dry, and then space them how far apart you want them to measure how long your ribbon needs to be.

4. Punch a hole at the base of each leaf.

5. Tie ribbon through the hole, and then tie the other side to the main garland ribbon.


6. Hang on the wall and enjoy!


One look at Kaitlin & Josh’s stunning wedding and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time! The 1920’s look is back, and I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am about this trend. They took this classically glamorous look and totally ran with it, from those perfect flapper style bridesmaid dresses and headbands to the ornate venue. And don’t even get me started on how stunning Kaitlin looks! Her delicate dress is simply beautiful, and her birdcage style veil is nothing short of wonderful. What are you waiting for!? Scroll down and check out this drool-worthy wedding for yourself! Xo, Danielle

the bride laughs the groom stands outside and smilesthe bride stands with her bridal party outsidethe groom poses with his groomsmenthe bride walks down the aisle with her fatherthe groom smiles as he watches his bride walk down the aislea groomsman holds up the program the bride and groom exchange ringsthe bride and groom cheer after the ceremonythe bride and groom kiss as the wedding party cheer in the backgroundthe groom holds the brides headthe bride and groom laugh on a balcony the wedding party poses in a fieldthe bride and groom hug in a fieldthe bride and groom smile at each othercute wedding favorsvintage centerpiecesthe couple does a dip kiss in front of a large housethe bride and groom share their first dance


Alexandra is the epitome of elegance from her classic ballgown wedding dress to that timeless bouquet of white roses. From the second I saw this perfect portrait session, I was obsessed! It exudes the southern charm that bridal portraits are all about. Not only is her whole look dazzling, but can you believe how stunning of a venue this is? It complements her style wonderfully and is simple enough to let her charm and natural beauty shine brightly through. Xo, Danielle

a bride stands next to large windowsa bride poses in a bright white room a bride holds up her bouquet of white rosesa bride lays on a vintage coucha bride stands by big windows looking outsidea bride poses by beautiful ornate windowsa bride walks up a beautiful staircasea bride poses by old doors withe her back turned


Meet Amanda, our bride of the week! This beautiful bride married her husband, Paul, in Philadelphia in July, and their wedding was so incredibly colorful, stylish & unique! The first thing that made me swoon was easily her ethereal light gray wedding dress- how amazingly inspirational is that!? Paired with that unbelievable sheer diamond shawl and vintage headband and with a jewel toned waterfall bouquet to top it off, this is a look that I’ll remember forever. Xo, Danielle