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There’s nothing more romantic than paying homage to the city that fostered your love story! Kerri & Bart’s sun-filled engagement session does just that– from gorgeous views of skyscrapers, to showcasing the city’s perfect parks and beaches, these two clearly are in love with not only each other, but with Chicago itself. These photos perfectly capture the magic of being in love, and the unbearable excitement to share that love with the world. Xo, Danielle

a couple hug in front of the chicago skylinea close up of the couple holding each other and kissing a man holds his fiancé from behind and they smilea girl smiles at her fiancé a couple sit on a bench in a park and smile at each othera man smiles at his fiancé in a parka couple does a dip kiss on the beacha couple hugs on a beacha couple holds hands and gazes into each others eyes on a beach a close up of a couple kissing on a beach


Having trouble figuring out what to wear for your fall engagement photos? Well you’re in luck because the ladies of our Marketing Department are obsessed with autumn-inspired fashion! Thanks to Polyvore, our team was able to put together some adorable looks that they would wear for their own engagement sessions. Which one inspires you the most?? Xo, Danielle







October is the official month of Breast Cancer Awareness. It’s a cause that’s near and dear to our hearts, so to help create awareness we’ve dedicated this week’s Top 10 to the bright, the bold and the beautiful brides who incorporated pink into their wedding day! As proud supporters of Brides Against Breast Cancer, we also ask that you take some time to learn about the cause. Raise awareness yourself and throw on your favorite pink item in your closet this weekend, and encourage your friends to do the same! Xo, Danielle

the bridal party throws confetti into the aira bride looks behind all her bridesmaids a bride and her bridesmaids stand in a line and hold big balloons a bride and groom kiss in a greenhouse a bride stands under a tree with her bridesmaids all wearing pinka bride stands in front of a blue door holding a pink umbrella a bride holds a beautiful bouquet of rosesthe groomsmen stand on a rock and the bridesmaids stand around ita bride stands with her bridesmaids near the oceanthe flower girls kiss the bride on each cheek


When you think of fall, what instantly comes to mind? For us, it’s warm apple cider! So, for this season’s installment of our signature cocktails, we’ve created the adult version of this delicious drink — Spiced Apple Cider Bourbon! Whether it’s your engagement party, bridal shower or wedding, this drink is sure to keep your guests warm and happy. Xo, Danielle


10 oz apple cider

1 apple

2 teaspoon honey

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Your bourbon of choice



1. Cut apples into thick slices.


2. Measure out cider & honey.

applecider honey 

3. Put apples, cider & honey into a saucepan and boil for 5 minutes to release flavors.

4. Pour into serving glasses & add cinnamon and bourbon.


5. Garnish with an apple slice.


6. Serve warm & enjoy!


From the grand church to the architectural red door detail, Amy & Joseph’s wedding is about as charming as they come! So charming in fact, that we almost forgot we weren’t in the south! It’s not easy to transform such a lively, bustling city into a quaint little town, but Amy & Joseph made it happen. And, we’re so glad they did! Xo, Danielle

the bride and groom smile and touch heads in a gardenthe bride and groom hug and smile the groom picks up his bride the couple smiles at their ceremonythe couple and bridal party stand at the alterthe bride and groom look lovingly at each other in the churchthe bride and groom smile in front of the church the couple laugh in front of a red doorthe groom hugs the bride from behind as they laughthe couple hugs in front of bright red church doorsthe bridal party in pink dresses pose with the bridethe full bridal party poses togetherthe groom poses with his groomsmen in a backyardthe bride and groom walk through a park holding handsthe bride and groom dance at their reception