Frequently Asked Questions

What is George Streetʼs style?
Photojournalism! There is nothing like capturing true joy on a happy coupleʼs face. Those unplanned moments are glimpses into the emotion and excitement of the day, and we wouldnʼt have it any other way! Beyond that, the true style of the images you receive is directed and driven by you. Your style sheets help us understand everything about your day, your style, and the way that you imagine it. We take the time to get to know what you want, because every wedding has its own special feeling, and its own special story. Our style matches yours, and as we get to know you, we can help you choose the perfect photographer that can capture your style, just the way you imagine it.
How do I choose my photographer?
Your style and your wedding are unlike any others. Our certified photographers are unlike any others. We take the time to get to know you through style assessments, planning sheets, and details about you and your fiancee so that we can accurately help you select the photographer that is right for you.We know each individual photographerʼs style, their personalities, and the photojournalistic storytelling capability. We can use that information to help you choose the photographer that matches your vision. We will ask you key questions about how you want your photographer to assist you with creating beautiful images that perfectly match your personality and direction. This is done after you complete your wedding planning and style assessment.

When should I talk with my photographer, and what details should be finalized before we go over the details together?
We recommend talking with your photographer close to the wedding date so that your wedding plans are likely to be final. Before your meeting, your wedding photography coordinator can help you troubleshoot timelines and suggest locations.The week of the wedding is the best time to have a conversation with your photographer because it ensures a more productive meeting, and a thorough review of your wedding day preferences and plans. It also ensures all the details you discuss will be completely up to date.

What is a Personal Wedding Coordinator?
Your Personal Wedding Coordinator is your wedding photography expert who can help you with anything you need as your planning progresses. You will have countless questions about photography, style, and timing, and your coordinator is there to make sure that your photos come out just the way you imagine it. Wedding coordinators have planned the photography and videography schedules for hundreds of weddings, and are experts at maximizing shooting time for a wedding day.
How many images can I expect to receive?
That depends on so many things, and your coordinator will work closely with you to maximize your shooting time so that you get every photo opportunity possible. In a wedding with 2 photographers, taking full advantage of timing, we expect anywhere from 1400-2100 shots! A 1- photographer wedding that maximizes shooting time will generally have between 1100-1300 shots.
I loved my photographerʼs portfolio, but want to see other portfolios too. Can I change my photographer?
Of course! Even though our matching system usually gets it right on the first try, sometimes you might just want to see how closely you matched up with other photographers. We are dedicated to 100% client satisfaction, so George Street always ensures that you are happy with your choice. You have the final choice in which of our suggested photographers you choose for your day! If for any reason after viewing the samples of work of your matched photographers you have a doubt the photographer may be right for you, we will find another great match for you.
I loved working with George Street! How can I help others find you?
Thanks! We want to spread the word as much as you do. The best places to leave feedback are independent review sites like Yelp, Wedding Wire, and The Knot. If you do leave a review, and you would like us to forward your review on to your photographer or videographer, please leave your initials, followed by your wedding date. She or he will love getting your compliments as well. We appreciate your great feedback, and you will help us make more and more brides and grooms happy every year!
Do you shoot in black and white, or just color?
Everything that we shoot is shot in color, but you can easily change the photos for your preference within our online ordering system. You can preview the image in black & white before you order to make sure you like it, and there is no extra charge for this service!Also, all of your high-resolution digital negatives will be delivered to you after the wedding, and you can do any additional effects that you wish!

Does my package include Digital Negatives?
Yes! Digital negatives are now included with every package at George Street. These high-resolution files are yours to keep, and can be used to make your own prints, give as gifts to family and friends, or just upload to your favorite website.
Should I have one photographer or two?
A second photographer is recommended if you wish to emphasize photojournalistic photography, or if you have a large number of wedding guests. Two photographers can work together for excellent coverage throughout your day with true photojournalistic excellence.
What if I want to order something not included in the package?
We offer many products and services that are not included in our main packages. From frames to signature books to canvas prints and replica albums, we can help you order anything for your wedding photography needs. If you have seen it, we can order it for you!
How many cameras will the videographer use at my wedding?
We believe that the only way to capture a truly photojournalistic wedding ceremony is with two video cameras. When we use two angles, we can get better coverage, multiple shots to choose from, and more audio signals for a superior final video that you will love forever!
How long is the video?
Your wedding video is comprised of two main sections. First is your Highlight Reel, which is a 4-6 minute video that captures all of the highlights of the day. The Highlight Reel is perfect to show friends and family who want a glimpse into your day, without the time constraints of a feature-length video. The second part is a thorough documentation of your day, containing the entire ceremony, your main reception events, and dancing selections from the entire night!The video creates a complete photojournalistic representation of your day that can be enjoyed in a short amount of time, or a complete viewing experience!

Why do you use a wireless microphone?
In order to give your wedding the highest quality audio and video possible, we will use a wireless microphone on the groom during the ceremony in order to perfectly capture your vows. You can request us not to use the wireless microphone, but this is the best way to capture your vows.
What happens if my photographer or videographer gets sick on my wedding day?
Whenever George Street shoots a wedding, we always have at least one certified lead photographer and lead videographer who is paid to be ready for any emergency. Our Certified Lead Photographers and Videographers are on a rotating backup schedule to ensure that we have a qualified professional available at a momentʼs notice.
Can you shoot my wedding in High Definition?
Yes! Talk with your Wedding Coordinator, or your consultant so that we can determine your exact needs for video and make sure that your exact HD needs are met. Our high definition standards are exceptionally high, and we are one of the first studios to offer this service.