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The Opulent Outdoor Wedding of Genevieve And Jake In Philadelphia


We’ve talked about weddings, we’ve talked about love, and we’ve talked about the multiple ways you can plan, and then throw a wedding. We’ve also seen many couples dress up, enjoy their wedding day, and tie the knot with happy smiles. But when we say there’s something different about Genevieve and Jake, we mean it. When we think, and we thought about it a lot, what sets these two apart is that they were effortlessly happy. Genevieve’s large group of bridesmaids, her family, and two brothers were filled with beautiful smiles. Jake and his band of groomsmen had the same smiles as Genevieve’s friends and family, their wedding was heartwarming and magical. The chosen wedding venue in PhiladelphiaHotel du Village, just added to the charms of the couple and gave the wedding an utterly beautiful whimsical touch! The wedding venue was dressed in nothing but natural colors, making it look like a part of a fairytale-esque movie. The couple chose the ever-so-popular wedding theme of black and white, which not only suited the occasion, but also added the balancing tones to their outdoor wedding arrangements. When our photographer met the two for the day and shot beautiful wedding photos of the couple, they couldn’t stop but feel that they were in the presence of true love. And when we look at their photos, we could only think of Elinor Glyn’s words, “romance is the glamor which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.” 


The chosen spot for the day was one of the best outdoor wedding venues in Philadelphia, Hotel du Village. One look at the wedding venue and you’ll know why the couple was so mesmerized by the venue. Never before have we seen a venue this perfect. The charming outdoors of the beautiful wedding venue was enough to draw us and make us fall in love with it, but there was more to the venue! This vintage-style wedding venue sits an hour away from Philly. The hotel is nestled in the stunning countryside, with 12 acres of land surrounding the hotel. The meticulously well-kept French country estate sits in the Bucks County countryside and gives couples the perfect places to tie the knot. With massive gardens, greenery is all around the hotel. Giving the ultimate château wedding experience and vibe, the exterior of the hotel looks as though it just popped out of one of the fairytale stories we’ve listened to since our childhoods. Stepping inside the hotel, the French windows, beautiful wall skirting and the ceilings make the entire experience worth it. With ornate details, like the rustic fountain that reminds us of Disney’s Cinderella, add the whimsical rustic vibe to the venue, the natural elegance changes with seasons, and is always perfect and beautiful. The moment we saw the venue, we knew why Genevieve and Jake chose the venue. And we couldn’t agree more! We loved how the beautiful venue added charming balancing touches to the black and white wedding theme


On the day of the wedding, September 25th, 2021, the bride and groom couldn’t contain their excitement. The two had been waiting for this moment for months. They had carefully planned and put together their ideas for the wedding. They had decided on the black and white theme because they enjoyed a no-fuss theme. However, we feel that it is no coincidence that the couple chose black and white as their wedding theme! We feel that they decided on an elegant wedding theme to match the natural elegance of the wedding venue. The two had decided to get dressed separately. The groom and his groomsmen dressed in uber-elegant suits. Jake had decided to choose a wedding tuxedo with satin lapels and paired it with an elegant black bow tie. The difference between the groom’s wedding suit and the groomsmen’s suit was the satin lapel. The bride and her bridesmaids entered their dressing room, with all intentions of enjoying the moment. After all, Genevieve was Ms. Dispirito for the last time in her life. As the bride and the bridesmaids put on their robes before getting ready to relax and make some memories, our Philadelphia wedding photographer took some shots of the wedding details. The beautiful wooden details of the French Château served as the perfect backdrop for capturing some fantastic moments. Genevieve had placed her elegant wedding stationery out, placed her rings on top of the card, and added her favorite flower. She even placed something blue for the wedding, her blue heels by the wedding stationery. To add the whimsical vibe to their getting-ready photos, the polished brown tables had a small arrangement of white and peach roses, with minimal greenery. While the girls were putting on their getting-ready outfits, our wedding photographer took some shots of the swirling wedding gown Genevieve had chosen for herself, which stood out immensely from her bridesmaids’ dresses. To keep the theme of a black and white wedding, she had asked her bridesmaids to wear pretty black satin dresses. 


When the girls were dressed for an afternoon of fun right before the wedding, our photographer took photos of them as they enjoyed themselves. The girls chose a set of gray shorts and comfy shirts instead of getting in their pajamas or robes, to stay comfortable. The bride chose a comfortable set, similar to the bridesmaids, only in black and white stripes. Pouring a glass of champagne the girls giggled and talked about their plans for the day. While they were sitting down to enjoy the afternoon, Genevieve realized that the outdoors were just as enjoyable. She suggested that the girls should step out and unwind in the sun, and the bridesmaids agreed with excitement. They took their party outside. Our photographer clicked some photos before the girls got dressed. Genevieve and her bridesmaids were happy and excited to strike some poses for us. They held out their champagne glasses, the bridesmaids gathered around the bride to make her the center of the attention and they sat down to pose for the camera. The bride and bridesmaids' photos before getting ready photos are filled with joy and happiness, it is easy to see how immersed in the day everyone is. The excitement is hard to miss. As the time for the wedding ceremony approached, the girls decided to get dressed for the main event of the day. Genevieve brought out her dress into the area where they had been sitting only moments before. She hung it up near the window to inspect it a little longer. She told us she loved the dress. She told us that the moment she laid her eyes on the dress, she knew she was getting married in it. Then she confessed that the open-back style of the gown was perfect, and she had also imagined her wedding dress to look like this. She told us that she was pairing the dress with a beautiful white veil. She also told our photographer that the real beauty of the dress was in the many layers of the dress, which they’ll see only when she steps out. She added light makes all the difference for this one. 


Genevieve dressed up after her bridesmaids were dressed. Her bridesmaids came to help her whenever she needed something or was looking for her makeup brushes. It was an extremely delicate sight to see how her friends were always there for her. As Genevieve was readying herself to leave, her mother helped Genevieve fix her dress, giving us the perfect moment of a classic bride and the mother of the bride moment to capture. When she was dressed, her bridesmaids made sure that they left nothing behind, and checked her make-up. Genevieve did not style her hair, she let her naturally wavy hair cascade down her shoulders. Giving her a thumbs up, the bridesmaids ushered her out of her dressing room. Right outside the dressing room, Genevieve’s father and her brothers were waiting. The father of the bride and the brothers of the bride were dressed in the same attire as the groom and the groomsmen. When the bride stepped out of her dressing room, her father gasped, and covered his mouth with his hand, he couldn’t believe his little girl had grown up! The mother of the bride also wore a black dress, and a brilliant smile, as she stood behind her daughter. The father of the bride hugged his darling daughter, stifling his tears. Genevieve’s brothers, like most brothers, joked around with their sister, jokingly pulling her leg, and then breaking into a hug. Each of her brothers posed with their beautiful sister, still messing around to make her smile. Before the wedding ceremony began, Genevieve posed with her family for a family photo to remember the day. All of them, smiling for the camera. Genevieve stood out in her white dress and with her hand-tied white bridal bouquet


The couple had decided to have a first look photo session before the wedding. Genevieve confided in us that they almost decided against it, and she couldn’t remember why they decided to have a first look. Genevieve had stopped in the hotel lobby, by the pastel blue couches, posing for us. The pastel blue background matched her blue heels perfectly. She told us that even though she couldn’t remember, she was happy and excited that her soulmate would see her dressed in white, and have a photo to remember by. She also told us that a no-look first look photo session was just their thing because they’d have something to look back on, a photo to capture their emotions. As we waited for Jake to take his place on the vast lawns of the hotel, Genevieve patiently waited, she had stepped out of the hotel, the sun was shining directly on her, and she looked angelic. Our photographer did not miss the opportunity to capture the moment. She posed in front of the door, slightly slanting her body so that the layers of the dress could be captured by the camera. Her smile was absolutely genuine, it felt like she was excited to show us her wedding dress. Jake made his way to the lawn, turned his back, and waited for Genevieve to step in the frame for their no-look first look photos. Jake had added a white pocket square to his outfit to balance his wedding suit. 


When Genevieve learned that Jake was waiting, she carefully put on her veil and slowly walked to the spot where Jale was waiting for her. Smiling for the camera, the two were great subjects. Even though they could not see each other, they worked in perfect harmony. Then the two parted ways for their outdoor wedding ceremony. The white seats for the wedding guests stood out from the decorative greenery. To make the environment whimsical and fairytale-like, the couple had chosen a set of rustic white lanterns. The guest chairs had a string of woven greenery paired with white bows and white flowers. Since the couple had decided to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, the two had carefully chosen the style of the outdoor wedding arbor, in white and with plenty of greenery. The couple decided to have a wedding arbor without an arch, the result looked pristinely beautiful. Making the perfect use of the outdoors, the wedding ceremony’s decor was perfect. When it comes to adding wedding details and beautiful accents, the couple did not have to do a lot! The lawn of the hotel was designed brilliantly with beautiful tall trees, tall grasses in some areas of the lawn, and wonderful tall stone pots for their flowers. The tall pots for flowers had orange and yellow flowers, which added a lot of details to the background of the wedding. 


The wedding ceremony took place outdoors, Jake had already been standing near the arbor, waiting for his soon-to-be-wife to walk down the aisle. Genevieve, walked down the aisle with the veil covering some of her faces, wearing a beautiful smile and knowing after the ceremony she’d no longer be Genevieve Dispirito. The guests wowed and whispered under their breaths when they saw her, she truly looked beautiful. The lush green background, the arbor under the trees, the white chairs, and the wonderful details of the hotel’s lawns, made her walk down the aisle look angelic and fairytale-like. When the two began going over their vows, the families of the bride and groom struggled to keep their tears in. The beautiful day turned even prettier with the sun slightly peeking out of the corner of the clouds, making it the perfect moment for the officiator to softly say, “you may kiss the bride,” Jake had been waiting for those words for the longest time, and Genevieve, smiled as she embraced him. Just like that, the two were married, a new chapter in their lives just beginning. Under a blue, blue sky and a shining sun, the two had hopes of their lives turning out just as smooth and beautiful as this! 


The two walked down the aisle together, for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Sinkovec, with broad smiles on their faces. Claps filled the air and some whistles too. Before the reception took place, the couple, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and the families of the two decided to have a photo session, to have memories of the day. Our wedding photographer took the opportunity to take outdoor wedding photos of the couple. The well-kept lawns were just right, it added a beautiful whimsical background to the photos. One of the best places, for the couple, turned out to be a corridor of shrubs and flowers. The couple walked to the center, and then struck some romantic poses for the camera. We caught a hint of happiness and shyness in both of them, but that’s only natural. After all, the wedding day marked the beginning of a lot of things for them! After the two posed in different poses, embracing each other, and stealing some kisses along the way, the two decided to call in the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. The bride posed with her best girls under the open sky with beautiful trees in the backdrop. The massive trees and the twisted branches made them look out of the world, which we appreciate. While the bride and groom were deciding on more poses for bridesmaids and groomsmen, the mother of the bride and Genevieve’s two brothers posed with bright smiles. Trying out some more poses for groomsmen and bridesmaids' photos, the group decided to go indoors, to their reception party


Right before entering Hotel du Village, the couple took the time to click some amazing photos. Our favorite photo happens to be the one with Jake pulling Genevieve close to his chest as he leans against the hotel door. The room the couple had chosen for their indoor reception party was dressed in white, with a room with brown details and chandeliers. To add more details, the couple had brilliant signage created with “S” as the center, with Sinkovec added to the signage. The table for the couple was a large deep brown table, polished to perfection. The signage with Jake’s last name was placed right above the table, on the wall, and was surrounded by the pretty white and greenery, similar to their outdoor arbor. Also, the couple’s attention to detail was on-point! They even brought a miniature lamp from their outdoor wedding ceremony details to their reception party. As the couple entered the room, everyone cheered them on. The two took the floor, for the first time all smiles and beautiful. As Genevieve twirled, the beauty of her wedding dress became even more apparent. After their first dance, they opened the floor to their guests! As the wedding guests enjoyed their time, the two took a moment to sit close to each other, and just enjoy each other’s company. The tall clear glasses with the occasional white and greenery-laden details on the tables made the room come alive! As the guests were enjoying their time, the wedding cake, a four-tier wedding cake, was white and textured. The simple cake was surrounded by pretty details like tiny white candles, and flowers. As the party was gearing up, the couple was surrounded by their loved ones during the cake-cutting ceremony. After they cut the cake, the wedding guests cheered, and the newly married couple kissed each other, short, sweet, and passionate. The couple decided to go back to their tables, enjoying the remainder of the day, and watching their loved ones celebrate their love. As our Philadelphia wedding photographer left the two lovebirds, they couldn’t help but notice that despite being surrounded by a sea of people, they were immersed in each other. The couple’s eyes always found each other, and it was enough reflection of their promising future together.


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