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The Fairytale-Style Pittsburgh Wedding Of Olga And Joel


We love summer weddings, and it is an open secret. But when we saw Olga and Joel’s wedding, we knew that our love for summer weddings was not misplaced. When we saw the wedding photos, we saw a beautiful wedding. Their wedding photos showed the delicate wedding details that the couple had chosen for their wedding and the fairytale-esque beauty of the wedding venue. The couple had planned a wedding with some of the most brilliant details, and colors, and the reception venue was the cherry on the cake. The wedding date for this spellbinding wedding was May 29th. The wedding day was set to take place in two venues, one wedding ceremony venue, followed by a lovely wedding reception party. For the day, this Pittsburgh couple had decided to keep their wedding timeline as usual, daytime wedding ceremony and evening wedding reception party. For the day, the wedding details were cutesy, pretty, and quaint. We loved the wedding details the couple had picked for their wedding, and we loved the wonderful photos their wedding gave us. 


The location of the wedding was the beautiful city of Pittsburgh. The city, during the bygone years, had been the wealthy hub of the steel industry. But as the industry collapsed, the city went through a rough patch. However, at present, the city is pretty, bubbling with life, and peppered with beaux-arts elegance and art-deco swagger. Surrounded by beautiful rivers, and stellar mountains, along with the added allure of quirky museums, delicacies, eateries, lively street art, and incredible live music, Pittsburgh has a lot to see and experience. The city’s past can be experienced through the architecture of the relics of the past, the Gothic architecture, and in the museums. Every corner of the city offers you a beautiful look into the art and culture of the city. It was here that our wedding photographer met the couple. Our Pittsburgh wedding photographer met Olga and Joel, who were excited to go through the wedding they had so elaborately planned. Our wedding photographer met the couple at their reception party venue, Fox Chapel Golf Club. The couple was to get ready here with their groomsmen and bridesmaids, and then make their way to the wedding ceremony venue, Heinz Memorial Chapel. So, their wedding celebrations started at the reception venue, where the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be decided to get ready separately. These two had decided not to go for a first-look photo session on their wedding day.


The getting ready session was easy and fast, perhaps because both of them, Olga and Joel, were excited to get the day started. The groom and groomsmen got dressed in a jiffy, as it seems. The boys were dressed in well-fitted black tuxedos and they finished off their wedding day outfits with black ties. The only difference between the outfits of the groom and the groomsmen was that the groom’s outfit was a three-piece suit, while the groomsmen’s outfits were only three-piece black suits but with cream waistcoats. All the boys had pretty white boutonnières, which were paired with a green leaf. And they finished off the outfit with black dress shoes. And then, our wedding photographer went to take getting-ready photos of the girls. Now, the girls were thrilled and were already planning on how to get dressed effectively without wasting time while maximizing their fun times together! The girls had already put on their getting-ready outfits, which were pretty shorts and shirts. The bridesmaids’ outfits were mauve shorts and shirts, white Olga’s were white with blue piping! The bridesmaids decided to get dressed, and Olga sat down to get her wedding day makeup done. The bridal makeup that she needed was pretty and natural. As the bride had her makeup done, and the bridesmaids got dressed, our photographer took some detailed photos. They took photos of the wedding day accessories Olga had decided to add to her wedding dress. The bridal footwear was a silver strappy flat sandal with rhinestones strapped to the front loop of the sandals, the bridesmaid and bridal bouquets, and the wedding jewelry. Then our photographer took the photo of the princess-style wedding dress Olga had decided to purchase from Blanc de Blanc Bridal Boutique. The wedding dress was displayed on a hanger. The dress had a full skirt, with a train, which the bride had decided to make even perfect with a long mesh wedding veil with some details on it. After that, our wedding photographer took a bridal portrait of the bride, who had her make-up on and had decided to put on her lovely tiara. Her wedding hairdo was simple, her curls were softly brushed and she let her hair down. And then, the bride-to-be put on her outfit for the day. As the bride was dressing up, the bridesmaids were dressed. The bridesmaids had mismatched dress styles and looked pretty. The bridesmaid footwear was placed in a neat line, which our photographer took a photo of. The bridesmaids helped the bride get dressed and helped her with her wedding veil as well. As the bride was dressed to step out and make her way to the wedding ceremony venue, the mother of the bride and the groom were dressed. Both of them had decided to wear similar outfits, they had deep blue dresses picked out for the day. Before leaving, the bride-to-be posed with both of the mothers. Then, she took a photo with her parents, then posed for a solo photo as well! Then the bridesmaids joined her to pose for a photo, they even had the pretty flower girls join in as well. As Olga was leaving the room to make her way to the car, our photographer took a photo of Olga from the back with her wedding veil. 


And just like that, the girls left for the wedding ceremony venue in a limousine. As the bride-to-be made her way to the wedding ceremony venue, the groom-to-be and the groomsmen were already there. Our wedding photographer took the opportunity to take some groom and groomsmen photos. The wedding ceremony venue’s lawns and gardens were the perfect photo backdrop for these photos. The groom found a small chair and sat on it as his groomsmen flanked him for a photo. And then, the boys stood next to a shrub and had their furry friend, a poodle, join as well. As Joel waited for his soon-to-be-wife, our photographer took a photo of him. Then, Joel also possessed their furry pal, looking happy and excited. Then, still waiting for Olga to come through the gates of the chapel, our photographer took a few detailed photos of the wedding ceremony venue. Heinz Memorial Chapel had pretty gothic details, and wooden work, which made their wedding day look as mesmerizing as we had imagined just about any fairytale wedding. The pretty church did not even need to be decorated for our couple’s ceremony. After our photographer took the photo, they waited and watched the bride enter the chapel. 


All the wedding guests entered and sat down on the pews, the groom entered and took his spot at the altar, and his groomsmen followed suit. Olga was standing outside the doors of the chapel, waiting for the indoors to settle down and have her wedding celebrations started. As the wedding guests settled down, and the chapel quietened, the doors opened, and the flower girls walked in. Pretty and beautiful, the flower girls’ outfits were similar to Olga’s, white puffy skirted dresses with a slim tiara on their heads. As the girls made their way down the aisle, Olga readied to enter the chapel. And then, she entered with her father, Joel couldn’t stop smiling or looking at Olga. Swiftly she walked down the aisle and made her way to the altar. There, Joel held her hand and softly smiled. And the wedding ceremony began. The couple took their wedding vows and exchanged their wedding rings, and sealed the wedding with a passionate kiss. They, then, turned around, to walk down the aisle, with the happiest of smiles. And just like that, the wedding ceremony was over, and the wedding guests made their way to the wedding reception venue. When the wedding guests left, Joel and Olga stayed back to have some of their wedding portraits taken. The two went back inside the chapel to have some of their photos taken. The wooden altar was a great backdrop to immortalize the place where the two had tied the knot. They took two photos at the altar, one with Olga facing the camera, and the other with Olga facing away, but then turning to look into the camera. Our photographer suggested that pose for the couple to try so that all the details of Olga’s wedding outfit could be visible. Joel stepped back, took his wife’s face in his hands, and kissed her, our photographer took a photo of that too. Before going out, our couple took a few group photos. The first photo they took was with all the groomsmen and the bridesmaids, then the couple posed for family photos with their parents. Joel and Olga took turns taking photos with their parents and then had a group photo taken as well.


And then, they stepped out to enjoy the outdoors and take some photos. The afternoon sun made the trees and greenery around them look perfect. The two stood out of the pretty surroundings. And then, on their way out, the couple decided to take a few photos of the wonderful details of the church. The gothic church’s details are what made their photos look fairytale-esque. And then, the two stepped out of the chapel and decided to take photos in the gardens of the church. They took photos as they walked, as Joel pulled Olga in for a kiss and simply stood at the chapel’s gate. And then, the two made their way to the wedding ceremony! The Fox Chapel Golf Club was just as picturesque as the wedding ceremony venue! Although the venue did not have gothic elements, it looked like a cute little palace, and the interiors were made perfect with the decor ideas that the couple had decided on. The beautiful wedding was complete with minimal wedding details, which was made colorful with many varieties of finger food and wedding dessert. The pastel color macarons paired with the different cookies and lovely pastel walls for the reception added the dainty look of a fairytale wedding! The couple’s wedding decor was lovely, but their wedding dessert bar was even better. The white tablecloth with colorful and different kinds of sweet delicacies injected a lot of color into the wedding. Also, the wedding dessert bar was decorated with small leaves. Our wedding photographer also took a photo of the wedding dinner set-up, it was a traditional round-table affair. The white tables were complete with pretty white plates, with golden borders. For the wedding table centerpiece, the couple had picked out pretty white roses, greenery, and some bouquet fillers. Also, they had placed a bowl of fruits. For the wedding seating arrangement, the couple had picked out a seating chart, which was on a pretty deep blue canvas with the names of their wedding guests in cursive. Next to it, was a table for the wedding guests to leave cards for the couple. Olga and Joel did not want a sweetheart table, so they had a long table with greenery and similar place settings for themselves and their closest guests. For their wedding guestbook, the couple had decided to put on a twist! Instead of the regular ones, the couple had placed a couple of Polaroid cameras and left them for the wedding guests to take photos. These Polaroid photos were to be pasted on a binder book, with messages for the couple! 


As the couple was getting ready to make their wedding reception entrance, our photographer took a photo of the wedding rings as well. And then, the couple held hands and walked into the reception venue with broad smiles and arms up in the air. The wedding guests smiled and clapped. Joel and Olga had their first dance, and right after that, they danced with their family. Then, the floor was open for the wedding guests to enjoy and have a great time. The couple sat down at their table and enjoyed the night. Our photographer took photos of the couple smiling and enjoying their drinks. Our wedding photographer took photos of the two, and some candid wedding photos as well. Then, as the wedding dinner time was inching closer, Olga and Joel had their cake-cutting ceremony. The cake table decor was simple, much like their beautiful three-tier wedding cake. The wedding cake was all white, with edible white roses. Surrounded by their wedding guests, the couple cut the cake and the dinner was served. Before the wedding dinner and the speeches of the closest friends and family, Olga and Joel stole away from the party and took a few photos outside the reception venue. As the wedding reception came to a close, Joel and Olga decided to make their grand wedding exit. The beautiful wedding came to an end with the couple walking out. As Joel and Olga were walking out, all of the wedding guests gathered to come together to wave goodbye. Although the wedding day was over, it was easy to see that Joel and Olga were ecstatic to start a new life together. Their wedding day was just the beginning of many shared dreams, goals, and the beginning of a life of togetherness.


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