Melissa and Konstantin’s Beachy Pastel LA Wedding

Spring came early this year as Melissa and Konstantin come in with an engagement and wedding feeling like a spring breeze at the dawn of winter. The crisp lighter tonal combinations teamed with the airy setting makes for a refreshing change after the warm tones and cozy vibes that come with winter. The lush green of the engagement and the lapping water from their beach wedding is a sight for sore eyes and lets you dream of endless warmer days and the feeling of the sun on the skin and the joie de verve in this charming couple’s eyes is no less than a summer evening’s fireflies.


Melissa and Konstantin kicked it off with an engagement shoot that looks straight out of a catalog. Melissa’s white sleeveless dress with lace detailing on the neckline looked stunning on her and the woven belt cinched at her waist was perfectly complimenting her figure. She mirrored the brown in the belt with her calf-length brown boots, giving this crisp spring ensemble the perfectly balanced look. Her gorgeous curls were left down and au natural. Konstantin went with the same serene tones and wore an indigo blue shirt with white detailing and a pair of light grey pants. Their engagement photographer did an amazing job capturing the calm and fresh vibe of this gorgeous couple. The pops of green from the foliage perfectly aligned with the blue and white of their ensembles, ensuring each photograph came out looking like a breath of fresh air. The cascading vines and the light streaming in through the web of tree leaves created the perfect setting for the Los Angeles photographer to capture some amazing photos. Our favorite is the one where the lovestruck couple posed by the tree in the woods as nature carved out the perfect loveseat out of the tree for them!


The wedding was in perfect alignment with the engagement, and there is no mistaking the vibe which flows flawlessly throughout the pictures. The wedding day dawned bright with just a touch of overcast. The wild water had a leap in her waves and the sand looked inviting. Melissa looked like a mermaid bride in a white dress that had the prettiest lace details and a back which dipped low. The dress had a slight train and a floaty ethereal vibe which made Melissa look stunning and pretty as a picture. The simple string of pearls, simple earrings, and the wedding band was all the jewelry she wore and the simplicity was fresh and beautiful! Her hair was done up in an intricate french knot that looked classically stunning! Konstantin looked dashing in his navy suit with black lapel details and black bowtie. His blue kippah was a nod to his roots and his boutonniere with sprigs of yellow and green matched with Melissa’s airy and springy bouquet perfectly.


The bridal party brought the whole together in perfect symmetry. The bridesmaids were dressed in a refreshing shade of powder blue and their long flowy dresses went with the theme perfectly. They were each carrying a bouquet with green foliage and pops of yellow. And long streaming white ribbon accented the look perfectly. The groomsmen were all wearing a light shade of grey and looked fabulous and added that apt bit of tonal diversity for the wedding photographer to capture. The endless water in the background provided the dramatic backdrop for the wedding party to pose against. The neutral tones with pops of blue worked their magic and created an image that was striking and memorable! The decor was kept simple and understated. The arbor was hung with flowy fabric and the water in the background was enough decor that the wedding really needed.  


The reception setting was charming with an airy and natural vibe. The strings of lights crisscrossed in the area as the green foliage added that clean natural feel to the location. Charming rose bushes and a sprinkling of yellow flowers added to the ethereal aura and dressed the place up. The cake with yellow cascading flowers was a delight to look at and the little touches of farmhouse accents matched the theme in the most perfect way.


There is a simplicity with this couple which translates perfectly in the pictures, be it the way they look at each other, or the way they look towards their life together. The soft yet perky tones of the decor and the pastels in the outfits all work together to create a setting that is light and airy yet heartwarmingly romantic! We love everything about it, starting from the soft yellow flower details to the lavender flowergirl attire and everything in between. What a beautiful, stand-out wedding!

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