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Kari And Chris Tie The Knot In A Beautiful Richmond Garden Venue


It goes without saying that we love weddings, but we hadn’t seen a wedding like Kari and Chris’s wedding. Their wedding day was perfect and even better with the natural smiles of the couple. The wedding date was May 27th, 2022. Their early summer wedding was absolutely beautiful. The weather on their wedding day was serene, and lovely, and had a light breeze. When we looked at the photos of the lovely couple, we were mesmerized by Kari and Chris’s smiles. Their special, special day was everything we imagine a dreamy outdoor wedding to be. From their wedding decor, which was utterly simple yet beautiful, to the wedding outfits, the couple’s genuine smiles made us see that they were truly happy to be married that day. To make everything so much better, the wedding venue was just right and was befitting the wonderful wedding color scheme the two had picked out for their day. The outdoor Richmond wedding venue was absolutely stunning and gave our Richmond wedding photographer the opportunity to take impressive photos of the couple and of the couple with their families.

Richmond, also dubbed the River City, is home to many experiences, all of which can’t be found elsewhere. The capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia since 1780, the city feels as though it has been painted by a new paintbrush. In the past, the city was somewhat old-fashioned, but now, with an inflow of young and creative residents, the city’s old-fashioned vibe has an electric new beauty to it. With a rich history, the city’s foundations go back to the first European settlers, the city today is an amazing blend of many tourist attractions and an amazing food-and-drink scene. This easy-to-stroll city is also home to amazing outdoor adventures to the rapids of the James River. The city offers many outdoor spaces to unwind and relax, some of the best places to visit in the city are Libby Hill Park in the historic Church Hill neighborhood, the beautiful Maymont EstateMonument Avenue, and the Fan District. Richmond’s Hollywood Cemetery also is an amazing experience. Apart from this, the city is also home to historic and educational experiences, courtesy of the many museums in the city. Some of the amazing museums included here are the Virginia Museum of Fine ArtsRichmond National Battlefield,  Poe Museum, and Virginia State Capitol. In this beautiful city, with many amazing outdoor spaces, our couple, Kari and Chris, tied the knot. To celebrate the beauty of late spring and an early summer wedding, the couple decided to choose a lovely garden wedding venue.  The wedding venue for the day was the airy Keswick Vineyards. The wedding venue had the perfect backdrop for amazing wedding photos. This venue is nestled in a valley of rolling farmland, and the mesmerizing Blue Ridge Mountains. The beautiful setting of the wedding venue, the open gardens, the brilliantly designed building that stands in the center of the venue along with the lush greenery all around the wedding venue gave us a pristine Disney-wedding-like aesthetic

For the day, their wedding day, the couple had planned to have a first-look photo session and an outdoor setting for every event of the day. The couple had decided to have a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony, which was followed by a lovely outdoor wedding reception party. Before the wedding ceremony, the couple had decided to have their first-look photo session. Kari and Chris met our wedding photographer at the wedding venue, they were happy to see our photographer. Before the wedding festivities began, Kari and Chris spoke and talked to our photographer about the type of wedding photos they wanted from the day. Our photographer was happy to discuss this. And then, the couple decided to get ready for the day. They had decided to get ready for their wedding in separate rooms. The groom and groomsmen decided to dress up first for the big day ahead. The groom and groomsmen's getting-ready photos were stunning. The happiness on each other's faces was hard to miss. The groom, especially, looked as though he could not wait to get married to Kari. The groom and his gang were dressed in similar wedding day outfits. The boys had picked out a midnight blue three-piece suit. With the suit, the boys had blush pink ties and a white floral boutonniere with some ferns in it. Finishing the outfit off with their shoes, the boys decided to make their way to the wedding ceremony area in the venue. Chris and his boys reached the spot Kari and Chris were to have their first look photography session. 

In the meantime, Kari was getting ready for her big day. As her getting ready outfit, she had picked out a beautifully delicate lace-trimmed satin white robe. For her bridesmaids, she had picked satin robes that matched their outfits for the day. As the girls sat down for a chat, our photographer took some bridal detail photos. Our photographer took a photo of Kari’s bridal dress, and other details that she had carefully decided on. At the same time, the bridesmaids decided to get dressed. For the bridesmaids’ outfits, Kari had decided on blush pink dresses. To match the vibe of a soft, early summer wedding, the dresses were pretty slip dresses. The bridesmaids’ dresses matched the color of the groom and groomsmen’s ties, making them perfect. As the bridesmaids were putting on their make-up, Kari decided to get dressed. Before she put on her lovely bridal dress, Kari put on her wedding jewelry and decided to pull her hair into a neat bun. For her bridal hairdo, Kari had decided to rock a lovely bun. And then, Kair’s bridesmaids helped her step into her beautiful David Bridal wedding dress. The wedding dress had a boat neck and was off-white, almost cream, in color, which worked well with the lovely mermaid wedding decor. Then her bridesmaids helped her put on her wedding veil, which was fixed at her bun. The long wedding veil looked perfect and made the bride look even prettier. Before Kari left, her bridesmaids handed her a bridal bouquet, which was a pretty mix of cream and blush pink flowers. The hand-tied bouquet looked in sync with the wedding color palette and the decor. The bridesmaids had a hand-tied bouquet with pretty cream flowers. 

As the time for the wedding ceremony inched closer, Kari and the girls made their way to the spot they were to meet Chris for the first look photo session. Chris, when he came to know that Kari was on her way, went outside the building, and took his spot in the garden right in front of the building. His back was turned to the entrance of the building, this way, he could not see when Kari made her way to him. With his back turned and his head bowed, only a little, it was easy to see that he couldn’t wait to see his bride-to-be. And then, Kari made her way, through the winding path, down to where Chris was standing with his back turned to her. As she got closer, the breeze made her veil flutter, Chris lifted his head, knowing all too well she was right behind him. And just like that, he smiled as Kari approached him. Upon reaching him, Kari paused for a moment, a broad smile on her face, then she gently tapped his shoulder. Without wasting a single moment, Chris turned and smiled. The moment was emotional and filled with emotions that cannot be fathomed or put into words. They smiled, laughed a little, and then posed for some photos before walking back to the wedding ceremony. Before their wedding ceremony, the two gave our photographer bright smiles and posed in front of the building. Then the two posed for a few photos on the path right next to the venue for their ceremony. These two looked extremely happy. 

Then, Kari and Chris parted ways, only slightly to meet each other at the wedding ceremony altar. Chris took his spot next to the boys at the altar, waiting for Kari to enter the wedding ceremony space. As he waited for his soon-to-be-wife, Chris had a beautiful smile on his face and twinkling eyes. The groomsmen, much like the groom, could not wait for the ceremony to begin. The wedding ceremony entry of the bride was just around the corner, the wedding guests took their spots and waited. And just like that, the bride entered with her father. Softly walking down the aisle, making all the heads turn. Chris’s eyes never left Kari, as he waited for her to make her way to him. The bridesmaids followed, they smiled and were just as happy as the bride. And then, the wedding ceremony began. The wedding officiant took the lead and started the ceremony. Before anyone knew it, the beautiful couple was taking their tear-jerking wedding vows, and then they sealed their marriage with a kiss. Surrounded by claps and many congratulations, Kari and Chris walked down the aisle as Mr. and Mr.s Eaheart. As the wedding guests dispersed for a short break, Kari and Chris asked their friends and family to hang back for some photos. As the guests left, Kari and Chris posed for group wedding photos with their family. The couple took turns posing with the bride’s family and then with the groom’s family. 

As the families left to take a short break before the wedding reception, the couple decided to pose with their friends. Taking turns to form groups with different friends, Kari and Chris smiled and posed for the photos. And then, for the last leg of photos, the couple decided to take amazing photos with their best girls and boys. For a few photos, the groomsmen and the bridesmaids accompanied the two, in separate settings. And Chris posed with the groomsmen for a few amazing photos. And then the bride posed with all of her bridesmaids for a solo photo. After that, before the groomsmen and the bridesmaids had to go for a short break, the bridesmaids posed for a group photo with Kari. They created a pose where the bridesmaids were holding Kari’s wedding veil, making it look amazing. And then, the groom and the bride had a photo session just for themselves. The couple posed for some cute photos, and then they took some romantic photos. Our photographer helped them with the poses. The beautiful outdoorsy aesthetic of the venue added to their photo session. Our photographer also took a few Instagram-worthy photos of the two, where Chris and Kari were walking away from the camera in the winding path of the venue, a couple of photos in front of the beautiful pool of the venue, and a romantic kiss in front of the fountain with the backdrop of the venue’s building. 

And then the couple decided to make their way to the reception party. For the reception part, the two decided to have a lovely outdoor setting. The outdoor space was decorated with a faux tent so that the couple and their wedding guests could enjoy the lovely outdoors. Since it was an open dinner setting, the couple simply walked into the venue with big smiles on their faces. Holding each other’s hands they made their wedding reception entry, and their wedding guests cheered with smiles and claps! Chris and Kari took the floor for their first dance, and then they danced with their families. Then they opened the wedding dance floor for the guests to enjoy and have some fun. As the couple was in talks with their wedding guests, our photographer took some detailed photos of the couple’s wedding set-up. The couple had created a small table with a few of their best memories for their wedding guests to see. Some of the photos on the table were from their engagement photo session. The couple had also chosen to have a large photo backdrop for the guests. It was a small pavilion with a greenery and neon lights backdrop that spelled out their shared last name. They also had beautiful light signage that spelled out love. Apart from this, the couple decided to have a seating chart for their guests. The wedding menu for the bar was in blush pink, tying it together with their wedding decor. The wedding sweetheart table was also white, complete with greenery and a Mr. and Mrs acrylic signage. The wedding welcome signage was a transparent acrylic board that spelled out the entrance to the wedding. For their wedding cake, the couple had picked out a lovely cream two-tiered wedding cake. The cake had dainty embellishments on it, fitting the pretty couple. They had a custom wedding cake topper for their wedding cake, which spelled out their last names in lovely cursive lettering. As the night progressed, the wedding festivities continued. Before the wedding dinner was served, the couple had a lovely toast and speeches from close friends. As the guests enjoyed the night, the couple stepped out for a few more lovely photos, this time with an umbrella as a prop! Before heading back, the couple also decided to pose for a few romantic photos next to the backdrop they had chosen for the wedding. After taking some photos, the couple had their amazing cake-cutting ceremony. Ending the night with a grand wedding exit, the couple started a new chapter in their lives with broad smiles and twinkles in their eyes. 


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