Passionate artists committed to telling your story.

We’re on a mission to redefine photojournalism — one couple, one wedding, one story at a time.

The History
Traditionally, photojournalism was used by newspapers to tell a story. You could flip through the paper, and without reading any of the text, you understood what was going on in the world. While it may sound cliché, photojournalism truly embodies the idea that a photo is worth a thousand words.

Our Story
We believe that when it comes to your wedding day, traditional photojournalism simply won’t suffice. If one photo is worth a thousand words, then we believe one wedding is worth a million. No single photograph can tell a love story as accurately as those little moments — the tear your dad sheds as he gives you away, the excitement on your fiancé’s face upon seeing you for the first time. To us, photojournalism isn’t just knowing the story — it’s being able to relive it.